F10 M5 Spotted? We Doubt it.

At first glance this looks like it could be the next generation M5. But a couple of things strike us as odd about the car and the timing. For starters BMW would have elements of this car camouflaged four months from it ‘s Geneva debut. At the very lease the BMW logos will be blacked out. But perhaps even more damning is the fact that the body kit is nothing more than the M Sport aerokit already offered on the F10. We can ‘t help but thing this is nothing more than a F10 5er with the M Sport and an impressive quad exhaust retrofitted.

We could clear a lot of this up if we could only see the license plate. BMW test cars carry the Munich pre-fix so it ‘s a dead give away typically. But as it stands now we seriously doubt this is anything other than a great looking 5er.

Courtesy of GCF

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  • Tom

    Am I back on BMW blog or bimmerpost? Guys, told you before. Stick to what you did so far.

  • jayparry

    at the very LEAST….”prefix”

  • @TOM- Not sure your point, you can have your opinion but at the same time, give us a break. If you want us to make a monthly digital magazine and charge you $5-$6 to read it, we will. Right now, the last time a I checked the site was free to read or not read. It is impossible for two people to generate daily original content-even as best we try and generate traffic for advertisers so we can keep the lights on.

    We try to keep things a happy medium and cover things with a broad brush. The last time I checked we are not running fluff pieces about some random third party tuner that created a 600hp 135i, when we start doing that I will complain.

    I usually ignore this stuff but I wanted to just voice my opinion on this once and for all.