BMW to DTM and Australia\’s V8 Supercars?

With BMW building a DTM car for the 2012 season, a new exciting possibility has opened up for the Automaker. Australia ‘s V8 Supercar series could be on the table for BMW if the upcoming 2012 regulation changes correspond enough with DTM.

What ‘s the V8 Supercar Series. This video (after the break) will give you a sample.

Source: Autosport

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  • Russell

    Oh, yes – please please let it be so. The Holden Ford rivalry has been great, but aligning the 2 series and bringing in the Germans would be SO cool. Half the big players (Prodive, Triple8, Walkinshaw etc) are already in both series anyway. The concepts of the 2 series are very similar, it’s only the detail that is different.

  • This is what happens when you get it wrong in V8 Supercars!

  • Michael Lutz

    Australian V8 Supercars are awsome (just figured out while watching the “Gold Coast 600”. Man! They sound and LOOK so beautiful! I always hated the new style DTM (never watched a race after 1995 or so). They sound and LOOK rediculous. Just stupid! Damn these V8 Supercars are nice! They are like the old DTM in steroids! Love the sequential gear box whislting and V8 roar! What the hell is this DTM sound?!?