EVO\’s Chris Harris Drives the 1M (& Loves It)

Chris Harris (one of the best automotive journalist currently out there) had some passenger seat time in the 1M prototype earlier this year and we came away vaguely impressed. However now that Chris has gotten some proper seat time Chris has a lot more to say. We ‘ve heard from other journalists about driving the 1M (at the recent press event we reported on) but none puts the car in the context than he manages to in the video above.

So what does he think? We ‘re going to let the video speak for itself but I do want to pull out one quote:

“It feels like BMW M is making the car it should be making. (It ‘s) and return to form. …I ‘m excited. Really really excited “

Those last five words are music to our ears.

Source: EVOTV

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  • Maybe the future does start now and BMW M has decided to dial up the tossability (new word!).

  • goat

    Great to see the 1M is shaping up well even to a very critical and skilled driver like Chris Harris. This car may well be seen as the turning point for the M division, at least for its car platform variants.

    Also liked Chris’ aside at the outset: “Joy they call it… the joy of… god knows what…” 🙂

  • JonPD

    Still excited to see the end product. Great to see Chris’s reaction, looking forward to hearing more from you guys and Chris as the car nears production.

    I second that Goat, that statement made me laugh bigtime.

  • goat

    @ JohnPD – I know it’s an internet cliche but I truly did spit coffee all over the keyboard when I heard him say that. 🙂