BimmerCast #35: HPFP, 1M, X3, F30 3 Series, Winter Driving & Why One of us Bought an Audi

2010 Z4 35i Test Car


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We start off the show talking about why one of us broke down and bought an A3. How does the A3 compare to the new 4 door GTI and MINI Countryman we just drove? We break it down in detail.

From there we talk about Michael ‘s drive in the X3 28i and how it ‘s likely going to be a success for BMW. But the X3 is important in more ways than one. For us enthusiasts it gives us a glimpse at the next 3 Series since they will both share electronics and a chassis (to some extant).

Michael gives us the inside scoop on the HPFP issue straight from the sources. If you want to know what (exactly) will happy if the HPFP fails, you ‘ll want to listen. We also coin the term “the happy pump ” which of course is the one you want in your N54 equipped BMW.

What about the 1M? We talk about EVO ‘s recent drive of the car and the new details we ‘ve heard. Once you get past the power it ‘s sounds just about pitch perfect to us.

Finally we ‘d like to thank our listeners for all the positive reviews on iTunes. We ‘ve increased sounds quality and we believe we ‘ve increased the quality of the show at the some time based on your suggestions.

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  • Micah

    Great show Michael & Gabe! Next time, I recommend you check some West Coast IPAs…

  • goat

    Thank you guys for talking about snows even if just a bit at the outset… “Performance Snows” in particular! 🙂

    @Michael / Gabe – I’m almost ready to order a set (2011 335i RWD manual shift) and have been flip-flopping between the Dunlop Wintersport M3 (I think only H-rated is available?) & Dunlop Wintersport 3D (V-rated). Advice between the M3 and the 3D? What speed rating do you have with your Wintersport M3 tires? Are you running 225-45-17 sizing?

    Other choice is the Bridgestone LM-25 run-flat (V-rated)… forget it because of the runflat? Forget it because it is an overpriced Bridgestone product? 🙂

    Any thoughts appreciated…

  • lava

    I’ve enjoyed the show from the start, but I have to say you guys have loosened up, and its made the show a lot more fun, and you know what – it has not harmed the performance of the cars one bit. BMW does not have to be all tight and serious. See? That wasn’t so hard.

  • goat

    @lav – agreed. Loving the show more each episode. Laid back, opinionated, informative, and always showing deep-seated enthusiasm and care for the BMW brand.

  • Thanks everyone for the comments and reviews on iTunes. Your feedback has helped us get where we are. Plus we have lots of ideas and features coming.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the show, which was very timely for me since I’m thinking about replacing my R53 with an A3, for exactly the same reason as Michael. It’s too bad BMW doesn’t offer the 1-series hatches in the US, and with the R60 and X1 coming too late for me, I probably will get the A3 (or even the Jetta SportWagen). It’s hard to believe there isn’t much choice for sporty hatches in the US, and I wish BMW would bring the 1-series hatches soon!

  • Jon

    Michael, no worries about buying an A3. It’s a great car, and you’re absolved of any sins, because BMW simply doesn’t have a car that can be compared to it. You need what you need, and too bad for BMW for not offering the 1-series hatch in the USA.

  • Drill

    Hey guys, great show. I can understand why Michael bought the A3. I owned a 2001 A3 (4 door, 1.8T Quattro) and LOVED it, we just had a few too many mechanical/customer service problems for us to go back to the 4 Rings. And y’all aren’t alone in your love for the E91 either. I’m eagerly awaiting the 3er Wagon show, lol. (And hey, is BMW going to offer the 1M in Monte Carlo Blue or WHAT?!?!)

  • Drill

    Sorry, found an even Better Pic

  • Squozen

    I’m still not hearing an improvement in sound quality, only different problems. Mike still sounds too far away from his mic, and Gabe is muffled and distorted. What gear are you using? Are you recording a Skype session?