The New BMW X3 Piques Martha Stewart\’s Interest

Martha Stewart, well known for her domestic skills and jail time for insider trading, recently spent some quality time in Spartanburg with the BMW X3.

She was there to film a behind the scenes of the X3 production for an upcoming episode of her show on The Hallmark Channel. She also tested the X3 at the BMW Performance Center.

Will this spot be like the fantastic National Geographic episode several years back or is just another way to show us enthusiasts that we are few and far between and the masses like their vehicles like a puff pastry and donned with bows?

We have a feeling it will be more along the lines of the latter. Since we do not make it a habit and will not go out of our way to watch Martha, we doubt we will ever find out. If someone out there happens to watch that episode- please let us know how it turned out.

Source: GoUpState

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  • JonPD


    Then again in many ways I think Martha is a perfect model for all that is wrong with BMW love of SUVs(SAVs if you prefer). Yes I know they sell a lot but I still believe generally that they sell on the bigger is safer model. I still adore the wagons but it seems like generally speaking people cannot feel safe unless they have 4wd and the most size and weight they can afford.

  • goat

    @JonPD: no issues with Martha in particular but I fully feel what you are saying. Related to that, was reading a thread on the bimmerpost forums over the weekend… some guy posts that he enjoys driving RWD in winter (with snow tires of course), currently drives a suspension modified miata, has had rx7’s, and also used to drive and LOVE an e36 coupe. he was looking at the 1-series coupes but asked how they handle in snow as well as how ZSP and 6MT compared to say the RX8 that he was also considering.

    wait for it… 🙂

    nearly every “enthusiast” forum member told him RWD was “horrible, dangerous” in snow, he should get an xDrive model.

    others said he should try the automatic transmission (when he said he was only keen on the 6MT).

    others said “it handles fantastic, it’s a BMW!” with no substantiation or qualification of its dynamic characteristics or feel beyond that vacuous summary.

    the original poster had to come back and say “i am very surprised that so many on here are posting as they are… i thought BMW was for enthusiasts… it was when i owned my e36!” He also had to vigorously defend his statement that RWD with snow tires was not only effective for snow conditions but provided more control to those drivers that had been trained in driving RWD in slippery conditions.

    It’s sad but there you have it… 🙂