BimmerCast #36: X1, X6, 5 Series GT and Why We\’d Rather Have a Wagon


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Note: It ‘s a short(ish) show this week due to a special BimmerCast later today involving a world premier. Stay tuned.

This week we start off talking about the X1 and BMW ‘s plans for its smallest crossover in the largest market. And yes, we dish a few things that you won ‘t read anywhere else. Then turning out attention to the X6, 5er GT we ask the question, why? And more importantly why an X6 and no 130i hatchback.

And then we get to the most important questions, what happened to the wagons?! It ‘s a touchy subject and one with many different view-points. We dive into them all and come out with the same opinion going in; that wagons equal awesome.

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  • JonPD

    Great show, still think the main reason why wagons do so poorly here is that just like Minivans they have a reputation that makes parents feel that they are labeled. Add to this BMW adopting the Bigger is Better belief and then selling size, mass, and awd being safe and everything else likely to kill you and your family.

    Should have seen the look of horror on the face of a BMW salesman yesterday while I was getting one of my cars serviced when I walked past a X6 M and he pounced. I had to inform to him that to me that one car to me is a great example of what is wrong with BMW today. He pressed with telling me just how good the X6 M, I told him I had little doubt that it performs better than it should for the mass but to me its just a living breathing example of Bigger Motor Works Momsport division. Odd he did not like my description of the beast but at least he left me alone.

  • Spud

    Interesting show…but am I crazy or did you actually NOT end up talking about the wagons? You sort of rambled off talking about the X6 and then the show ended. Geeze, I was really looking forward to that as a E91 owner and lover here.

    When are we going to get the promised wagon coverage?

  • JonPD

    I had a chance to enjoy some time behind the wheel of a M5 Touring and can say after that experience I think all SUVs are just bad jokes.

  • RickT

    Spud…I’m with you totally…some intermittent rambling about how the one speaker preferred wagons over higher center of gravity / higher weight crossovers and SUVs but I was REALLY looking for more in-depth discussion of the issue. As a small, non-BMW AWD wagon owner..I’m really searching for its eventual replacement. According to a Regional BMW NA rep today, my last shot at a 3 series wsgon in the US is the carryover 2012 328i Sport Wagon. Order by December 2011…or lose your opportunity forever. Ugh.

  • RickT

    Thanks Michael…just listened to it….and (unfortunately) your comments jive with all I’ve heard about the non-future of the 328i Sport Wagon..dead in the US after model year 2012. This segment I’m afraid is dying as our current V50 T5 AWD is no longer offerred here with AWD…and rumored to be gone after the current 2011 model year ….leaving us with the Audi A4 Quattro as, I believe, the only available AWD wagon (you mentioned Mercedes..but I’m not familiar with their model lineup in wagons) I’ve driven the new Acura TSX Sport Wagon, (only FWD) and while nice, it’s boring like most Honda-products (with exception of the former S2000 and Acura NSX!).

    I’m too old to drive boring vehicles!