BimmerCast #37: Special Report on the New 6 Series & Vision Hybrid


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We ‘re back just hours after our last show with a special report on the new 6 Series. Moments ago BMW took the virtual wraps off of the new 650i convertible and we have to give credit where credit is due – it looks fantastic. Purposeful, athletic and taut in all the right ways, the new 6er is everything the previous E63/4 was not. Or is it? The design in and out is really an evolution over the previous car yet it looks so strikingly new and fresh. (Full gallery after the break)

We also spend some time on the concept turn production “Vision ” car that BMW will be building and releasing as a 2013 model. Pricing, positioning, we give up what we know and even start taking bets on the name.

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  • lava

    Ok, please just say it, so that nobody can accuse you otherwise, that MF was not compensated in anyway by BMW or its affiliates to fawn over this car. At least you also did plenty of making fun of it too, although never outright and always tastefully. Although the dentists I know might not agree. But otherwise a very enjoyable show despite the subject matter. I appreciated you going to the trouble to make a special show out of this so it not “touching” any of the other stuff I like and care about.

    The Vision car on the other hand sounds awesome. In the end we want to see them put some hoonage into our electric efficient hybrid future and this seems to have some promise in that regard.

    • You can be sure that Gabe and I speak our minds and are never swayed by compensation. If you have not realized it by now I am as opinionated as they come and speak my mind freely- just how I was raised. The truth may hurt but BS stinks.

      There should never be a doubt in my mind that we shoot from the hip and if there is I am tossing in the towel, we do this because we are passionate enthusiasts and we feel we have a message people want to hear.

  • 03Beastcharmer

    I agree 100% about the HUD’s. Once they introduced it in the E60 M5, every car should have had that option at the next LCI. I can’t believe they couldn’t find a way to have this for the E9x M3. I’ve wanted the HUD for navigation & M mode for years, but want it int he M3 not M5, and the current V8 M3 and not the next M3. I guess I can’t have it all 🙁

    Holding on to the E39 M5 for now 🙂