WTCC Strips BMW of Points and Hands Title to Chevy

This year ‘s WTCC was coming down to the wire with BMW and Chevrolet neck and neck in the last two races. As a way to improve the technology in the car BMW had made advantage of the homologated units originally brought in to allow Alex Zanardi to use hand controls for the recent Osaka round last weekend. The controls were submitted for approval and the race stewards approved them. That weekend racked up a ton of points and were poised to take the crown at the final round in Macau. And then things got interesting.

Chevrolet appealed to the FIA ‘s International Court of Appeal and won. That meant all points from the Osaka round are stripped from BMW and the title is effectively handed to Chevy. Sounds like a great way to win a championship to us.

Source: Autosport

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  • JonPD

    Actually those are the pitfalls of racing. Think we are missing details on what exactly the FIA Appeals Court was seeing that they perceived as being wrong. Generally speaking racing teams more often than not try to push the boundaries in order to give them a competitive edge.

    Still sad to see the BMW efforts lose this way. If the position was switched though I am sure if BMW felt wronged by Chevrolet doing something like this they also would have appealed it.

  • Bimmer1

    BMW motorsport or RBM management should have known this would be an issue. I don’t know what the stewards were thinking when they said they could use the sequential gearbox’s in car’s other than Zanardi’s. The rules clearly state they are not allowed to be used, and only in the case of Zanardi were they to be used since the man doesn’t have any legs! Obviously, he can’t depress a clutch pedal with no legs, so they allowed it. I can’t believe they thought they would get away with something like this, and it’s surely a black mark on an otherwise pristine history of racing professionalism and sportsmanship. This is something you’d expect from the NASCAR types, not BMW. Stripping Priaulx of another championship for something so stupid is unexcusable. What a shame. I certainly hope they are going to pay him his bonuses as if he had won, especially if he places well in the season finale at Macau.

    “Generally speaking racing teams more often than not try to push the boundaries in order to give them a competitive edge.” -JonPD Well since they were in position the win the championship already without stretching the rules, why risk it all when you already had a very good chance to claim the title. It seems ridiculous to me. Calculated risks are one thing in racing, stupid decisions are another.

  • JonPD

    Not saying I support what they did, rather that racing is just full of people trying to bend the rules as far as possible. Think BMW and RBM should be embarrassed by this for sure. Seems like a huge gamble. Also have to say that loosing to Chevrolet is a massive slap in the face.