BMW 1M: No Carbon Fiber Roof Confirmed

We reported (somewhat controversially) a few months back that the 1M would not feature anything other than trim based carbon fiber. Specially we said that this meant no carbon roof as had been rumored for well over a year. Today we see the confirmation of that.

The photo above was taken from the recent fan trip that gave 12 randomly picked fans from across the globe a chance to see and drive the new 1M. And here for the first time we can clearly see that the roof is indeed metal with no carbon weave in sight.

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  • Hate to say it- told you so.

  • JonPD

    Sad but not unexpected. Still hopping against all reason that ///M put the 1 on a serious diet. In many ways this keeps reminding me of a E46 M (though not as good sounding).

  • Woo Hoo

    Hopefully Porsche doesn’t go down this road…an ‘affordable’ opportunity to own a ‘premium’ vehicle.

    This is as much of a ‘real’ M-car as the 1er is a BMW.

    Enough is enough. I’m going with Porsche.

  • Mason

    This is not a huge loss. How much weight would a CF roof even save? 30 LBS? At what cost?

    I have an idea, a prospective 1M buyer should take the money they would have spent on a CF roof and buy a 24 hour fitness membership for him and his spouse. BAM! Car weighs the same as it would have if it had a CF roof and the people inside are in shape. The only thing lost here really is some cool factor.

  • JonPD

    LOL Woo Hoo!

    Don’t get me wrong Porsche turns out a great product, they are always up-market in my mind with price and performance from BMW.

    “Hopefully Porsche doesn’t go down this road…an ‘affordable’ opportunity to own a ‘premium’ vehicle.”

    Lets look at some history shall we. 914 was made to offer a lower cost car that was eventually replaced with the 924 that was aimed at the entry market also. Both the Boxster and Cayman are built to give a Porsche a entry level car.

    Scroll the bottom of the 914 wiki and you can see a nice graph showing where Porsche aimed their various cars over the year.

    Then there is Top Gears view on this exact same thing.

  • Woo Hoo

    Still, Porsche’s threshold for ownership is much higher than BMW.

  • JonPD

    47k for a entry level Porsche Boxster which I believe about the same price the 1M is going to be coming in around. Lets also talk about the current models offered. To get into a M product currently you are going to have to drop an additional 11k currently. So if BMW has messed over the threshold of ownership with the 1M I am guessing that the Boxster really perfected it first.

  • Woo Hoo

    Which is still out of reach for a ‘entry level’ BMW shopper….

  • Which is still out of reach for a ‘entry level’ BMW shopper….

    It’s mind boggling that you think it’s logical to compare a maker of sports cars and very high-end luxury vehicles that is owned by a huge multi-national conglomerate to BMW. BMW has never only offered sports cars. They made their name by making sporty versions of two and four door sedans that literally changed perceptions of what a car should be. The very fact that BMW makes entry level ($40K) vehicles that offer near luxury and good performance should be admired and applauded.

  • JonPD

    So WooHoo how is a $45-$47k BMW 1M is more attainable to entry level than a $47k Porsche? Maybe I misunderstood you. I thought your unhappy because the 1M will lower the bar to get into a ///M.

    Totally agree Gabe.