Adage on BMWNA\’s Split with Ad Agency

Earlier this fall GSD&M (BMW ‘s agency for the past several years) decided to part ways with the automaker. However we ‘re just now started to understand some of what was behind the move. Adage is reporting that a split was likely imminent due to the untimely death of BMW NA VP of marketing Jack Pitney along with a few other changes “in relationships “. So what ‘s next for the $140 piece of business? According to the article BMW plans to work with its existing roster of agencies, which includes WPP ‘s Grey, MDC Partners ‘ Dotglu and Interpublic Group of Cos. ‘ Universal McCann.

GSD&M last work for BMW will be the unscripted film series that documents real people and the relationships they have with the brand and its products.

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  • Im glad this is happening. BMW needs way more aggressive marketing. While Audi is slamming BMW left and right and MB is showing off their new super car and championing their 100 years of racing (and Audi is sticking the R8 in every freaking spot it can find), BMW is running around saying they have been the top 10 car in car mags for 30 years (nobody cares) and the joy of driving around (umm, get people excited, not mellow). So yea, I think BMW has one of the best lineups it’s had in a while but just horrible advertising.