BMW Workers Arrested For Stealing Seats

The Bayern Police have apprehended and arrested a BMW AG employee and employee of a supplier on suspicion of stealing seats and associated parts worth in excess of $4 million from production lines. They allegedly faked production orders and took these excess items out of the factory to be sold on the internet. BMW has yet to formally comment on the matter as the investigation is on-going but one questions how tight of a ship BMW is running if that many seats were taken. There may be more arrest made over the coming weeks as more than 15 people are alleged to be part of the pilfering ring.

A loss of $4 million is nothing to sneeze at. Though not the typical news we like to discuss here but interesting none the less, compliments of Bloomberg. Thanks Glenn for the tip!

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  • 06E90330

    Certainly not a small item to make off with, especially $4 million worth.

  • Jordan C.

    What vehicles would benefit from $4mil of BMW seats floating around the marketplace? Hahaha

  • Drill

    And NOW we know the reason why the 1M doesn’t get better seats, lol.

  • RJ

    This story doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me. Assuming the BMW factory in question uses similar just-in-time parts deliveries similar to Plant Spartanburg, I would assume that the seats are made and delivered to BMW for a specific vehicle that is scheduled to receive a specific set of seats on a specific day. Unless this particular factory houses extra parts / components, unlike Plant Spartanburg, I can’t see how this all makes sense…..

    • RJ- the plants also make spare parts that are for inventory for repairs/warranty etc. not just for ordered vehicles. Just in time production is fine for vehicles but if for spares- an order could easily be added. Also, if memory serves me Spartanburg gets seats from a supplier and Munich builds its own seats.

      A leather seat with airbag is somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-3k easy so add in one seat a day you have upwards of $15k a week. You can do the math but that is a large chunk of change by just faking an order a day for an inventory seat.

      When this is all finalized I am sure there will be a bunch of people involved.