BMW 1M to be Unveiled on 12.12.10


The current rumor is that BMW will be lifting the veil on the 1M via the interwebs in one week. As you ‘d expect we ‘ll have up to the minute details and photos as they drop.

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  • Luís

    Man, I’m really looking forward to see this machine as a whole! =D

  • JonPD

    At long last, I however don’t know if I believe it as the striptease really has been at a standstill. Maybe they can do a early 12 days of Christmas and show us a bit more each day (I think that duration would stand a better chance than the current lethargic process).

    I am looking forward to seeing the car and then hopefully soon afterward to have the official stats. Between the fantastic renders and BF don’t expect to learn or see anything new however.