BimmerCast #38: The (Real) Wagon Show


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The promised wagon show is finally here. Yes we ‘ve said it before. This time we ‘ve delivered on an entire show devoted to the BMW wagon. We start with the 2002 Touring and go all the way up to the current state of wagons (including what we expect to see in the years ahead). Yes BMW will be killing the 3 Series wagon (as they did the 5) but it doesn ‘t quite mean the end.

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  • Les

    Great podcast guys.

  • mellowmcs

    E39 540i did come in a 6-speed manual. My friend had a 2003 with the 6-speed manual.

  • Two things:

    1. We happily stand corrected.
    2. Let me know if he ever wants to sell it.
  • HERR26

    The 6er Shooting Brake is based upon the Gran Coupe has four doors with a split tailgate, the roofline is much lower and more dynamic towards the rear than the 5er Touring F11.

    Expect something this coming April at the Shanghai Autoshow.

  • JonPD

    Great show guys, I have much love for BMW wagons and lust over the E61 Touring more than I care to admit. Still in a great many ways I keep feeling that BMW treats the US as a ugly stepchild to often. I understand the reasons for pulling the wagon though I really wish they wouldn’t. Even worse as the largest ///M market still will never understand or be happy about the fact that the US gets the short stick too often. The E46 CSL, the E61 Touring, and the E92 GTS where all sad choices to never be sent to the largest ///M market.

    Look forward to seeing the 6 Series Shooting Brake.

  • Hate to say it but a part of me misses my E61 (6 Spd manual ZSP and most other options) so much so that I regret the M3- ok so maybe not that big of a part bc the E90 M3 is the best car on the planet.

  • JonPD

    Glad you love your great ///M Michael but as for the best car on earth there are some I would put ahead of it. I adore the E90 M3 but I think I would likely take a GTR or Porsche 918 a bit before one 😉

  • Mark

    What a wicked picture: an M series touring never, ever coming to US, even if F11 by some miracle comes over later in model cycle. Love my E61.

  • Waldo

    There was an E34 M5 Touring too.

  • There was an E34 M5 Touring too.

    I swear I had read all about the ultra rare E34 M5 wagon previously but couldn’t find anything for the show.