BMW 1M Revealed A Day Early by… BMW?

We will have an enormous amount of 1M related content very soon but we thought a whetting of the appetite was in order. For that we ‘ve turned to (of all places) BMW ‘s youtube page where the fine folks in Munich apparently have got their dates mixed up and released a video featuring 1M a little early. Or have they? Either way it ‘s our best look at the E30 M3 successor yet with only a few angles and a few potential interior surprises left to our imaginations.

Enjoy and be sure to be close to a computer and BimmerFile as more official details break over the next day.

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  • Que


  • Drill

    Sweet Baby J I like the look of that!

  • raaaa
    • 7k rpm limit, midle brake light in the rear spoiler?
      • new led lci headlights, incredible new body look, m button, minimalist m-badge ? price, cosmetic side fent or not (seems to be at 0:32 but not at 0:16)

    wtf : flashing teasing video

  • Micah

    That’s exactly how it should have been released in the first place. Bummer that the side vent is cosmetic only, & I’m still unsure whether there is functional brake ducting, but it certainly looks the part.

    Now let’s hear what Chris Harris & other journalists who know to drive have to say… Doubt that dealers will offer real test drives of it upon release, so I will wait to decide until they do.

    • Let’s just say the description in the last podcast about the drive should be spot on…the car was designed with certain characteristics and sources close to this car have described it fairly well.

  • goat

    Looks great I’d say!

  • Micah

    Michael & Gabe, when you drive it can you honestly report back on the following:

    1. What is effective redline, & does it honestly pull all the way there without torque falloff that characterizes other N54 variants?

    2. Is the shifter positive & mechanical? Does the clutch have weight & feel?

    3. How does the steering feel? Of course it will be accurate, but does it offer a reasonable amount of feel- ability to transmit info back to the driver to correct & control oversteer on corner exit for example?

    4. Does it have functional brake ducts?


  • JonPD

    Very nice indeed. I love the side badge, its to easy to go tacky with the badges. All in all very nice looking car, honestly look forward to driving one soon if the hype lives up to the experience.

  • Dylan


  • Evan

    Incredible. I really need another income just for cars.

    Most purposeful body treatment. $45k, right?