Like the N54 before it the N55 has received one of the top honors and engine can get from Wards Automotive. Here ‘s an excerpt from Ward ‘s:

>BMW’s well-regarded 3.0L N54 twin-turbocharged inline-6 earned Ward’s 10 Best Engines honors in 2007, 2008 and 2009. For 2011, the N55 I-6 in the 335i replaces the two compressors with a single twin-scroll turbocharger that saves weight, improves throttle response, boosts fuel efficiency (15% over the N54) and reduces friction, while decimating the notion of turbo lag.

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>Integrating the third-generation Valvetronic intake and Double-VANOS stepless variable valve timing, the 300-hp “Twin Power” N55 reaches its torque apex of 300 lb.-ft. (407 Nm) at a mere 1,200 rpm, propelling the 335i sedan with shocking ease. For drivability and smoothness, the N55 is unparalleled.

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>Official Release: BMW’s newest turbocharged inline six-cylinder has been named one of Ward’s 10 Best Engines. For the 2011 model year, BMW’s new “N55” twin-scroll turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine was elected to the 10 Best Engines list by the Ward’s AutoWorld panel of expert judges. To win a place on the 10 Best Engines list, an engine must score highly in measures of horsepower, torque, refinement, technical relevance, and comparative data.

>“BMW’s EfficientDynamics strategy is focused on building more fuel efficient engines without sacrificing performance and instantaneous response. The new N55 twin-scroll turbo inline six shows that there is still more that can be accomplished with the internal combustion engine,” said Tom Baloga – Vice-President, Engineering US for the BMW Group. “With the ground-breaking combination of a twin-scroll turbo, high-precision direct injection and Valvetronic, it offers performance that once would have only been possible with a much larger V8 while offering further improvements in efficiency.”

>The newest in BMW’s long line of inline six-cylinder engines again produces 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque and is featured in the 2011 335i, but is found through the range for the 2011 model year including the 135i and the new 535i. It also powers the 2011 X5 xDrive35i and X6 xDrive35i Sport Activity Vehicles as well as the all-new X3 xDrive35i.

>As an example of efficient dynamics in action, the 2011 BMW 335i matches the 2010 model in the 0-60 sprint at 5.4 seconds but offers a ten percent improvement in efficiency according to EPA estimates.