BimmerCast #40: The 1M Show


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We ‘ve given you a detailed look at the car and we ‘ve dissected the design. Now lets actually talk about this thing. Yes this is the BimmerCast we and many of you have waited for. Our chance to actually sit back and discuss the most anticipated new M car since the E9X M3 (if not the E46 M3). We take a critical look at the car, the styling, the technology and what it all means for the M brand. We talk competitors, price-point and of course that gorgeous alacantara interior.

This is a must listen if you ‘re a fan of M cars classic or old.

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  • mellowmcs

    I know how to drive a manual and I also learned on a BMW. E21.

    However, I wanted DCT in this car because I REALLY REALLY wanted the car but I also needed to use the car as a daily driver. With 1.5hr commute one way M-F through heavy traffic… and in my personal situation, I have a shorter left leg due to Polio. As I’ve hit the lower end of middle age, it’s physically challenging and even painful to use the clutch in most driving situations. That is why I want this car to have DCT. It would have been to replace my R56+JCW kit and I would have easily forgone my plans to purchase an E90 M3.

    In short, it would have been perfect but it fell short of that one feature.

  • mellowmcs

    BTW great coverage and discussion of the car 🙂

    I’m still on the fence, I may just go ahead and buy the car anyways. I’m also #1 on the wait list at my local dealer. I’ve been on the list for more than 6months 🙂

  • JonPD

    The fun part of this show, even with Micheal’s Comcast issue the subject matter and discussion was great enough that I never noticed after you started lol.

    I will insist on taking one for a drive before I lay down my cash but hopping production numbers are going to be high enough to allow my dealerships to bring one in for a test drive. I do have to say though I am already looking for tuning options for the motor as I still believe they came up short. I do understand the importance of not annoying the M3 buyers but I was hoping for more. With that I can say this feels like a true ///M car (no ///Momsport here (I leave that for the SUVs)).

  • Well said about Valencia, Gabe. My heart sunk a bit too that day. Alpine is a fine choice though.

    Thought we’ve already seen the pricing stated as $50,500 for EU and $46,000 for USD??????? If it’s a penny over $45K I’ll be in a CPO e92, no matter how great it drives.