The 1M in the Studio: Video w/Engine Sound

The guys at Skiddmark finally had a chance to post their video of the photo session they had last week with the 1M. Definitely worth checking out for real-life photos of the car. However perhaps more importantly they captured some of the sound during the session. Skip ahead to around the 4:15 mark for a surprisingly angry sounding N54. And note the lift-off burble. (video after the break)

Well done boys.

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  • Damn, I need this! The proportions are so on.

  • Henry W.

    I think I’m in love.

  • JonPD

    Nicest sounds to date. Think before passing judgment on that though I would like to hear it outside. Think a lot of the acoustics are being bounced around in the room giving us a somewhat unrealistic sound of the car. Still fun the hear where they took it.

  • goat

    Great vid… the eyebrows have really made the front end of this car… and so much has already been written about this car’s amazing flared “haunches” yet I can’t help but mention them again… very nice. 🙂

    And now we have some sounds… burbley and throaty… N54 is sounding great… I can only imagine will sound even better under load.

  • Agree with Jon- the sound is likely a product of the rooms acoustics. Even my stock 135i sounds awesome in my parking garage. Really wish this shoot would’ve been with an Alpine white 1M. I hate this color almost as much as Sedona red and BMW’s use of it when they launched the 135i. Dont understand why they insist on colors my fat Aunt would select on a Honda Element. This car should come in white, black, silver, smurf blue, inka orange, and baby poop green. It’s a freaking sports car, BMW!

  • Micah

    @Primo135- You are spot on re: color choices. Get rid of the chrome too, greying/blacking out the trim on the kidneys, tailpipes, & especially that cheesy side badge.

  • goat

    @Primo13: +1 on your suggested colour palette! That is exactly what many enthusiasts have been saying to BMW and to MINI for a long time yet all we get are metallic after metallic. This car needs “track car” colours, like Porsche offers on their special editions. Also, LOL’d at your comment about “colours my fat Aunt would select on a Honda Element”. 🙂

  • JonPD

    I actually like the limited colors on the 1M. One of the best things with the MINI GP is having a unique color. While I would choose Alpine White every time I do appreciate them offering it in something unique. Silver and Blue are about 90% of all BMWs I see, not sure I would want to hide the 1M in the fleet of blue and silver BMWs. For me when I think of a performance oriented BMW I think of BMW racing so Alpine White is the only chance. Already considering some changes to the exterior though to make it stand out and to honor BMW racing.

  • Micah

    @JonPD- I don’t think the color choice criticism is so much based on the limited # of available options, but the actual choices themselves: generic white or black (two of the most popular colors of all cars on the road today), or metallic orange. Honestly I’m not excited about any of the choices, & among them would probably choose wonder bread white. Given the nature of the car & its sporting image, why not offer a non-metallic real color like Inka Orange, a light/medium blue, or green as Primo135 & others have suggested?

    Based on the comments I’ve read so far, sounds like about 70% will be specified w/ Alpine White…

  • Exactly as Micah stated. I like the idea of limited colors, I just don’t like the ones they chose. Old guard or just bad designers? Take a page from Porsche here BMW…

  • JonPD

    I guess it all depends on what your aiming for. Inka Orange is great but still would rather have Alpine white as it is the historical color for BMW racing. I am less enthralled by the Black. No way they would share Inka Orange as their GTS owners would likely be less than happy to see the most expensive ///M and least sharing a color.

    At the end of the day it matters not if you want more hp, a carbon roof, another color. This car is what it is. For me I want more hp so I will tune the car, if you want blue or something else I suggest you think about having it painted.