As no surprise to us, BMW has leaked more details on the upcoming FRONT WHEEL DRIVE platform. As we and others have reported, BMW is ditching their long held view that rear wheel drive will be the base of all models in hopes of making more profits.

According to Autocar, there will be two new FWD 1-Series variants. The first will be a 5-door hatchback followed by a GT like version. The new FWD 1-Series will have a larger cabin thanks to more upright A-pillars and windshield.

The FWD variants will be built on a modified version of the MINI Countryman platform and are to hit showrooms (in Europe) in September 2013.

Internally known as the UKL (acronym for Unter Klasse), the two FWD models will be accompanied by 4 rear wheel drive 1-Series versions which may be renamed 2 Series (at least in coupe form). RWD versions will include 3 & 5-door hatches along with acoupe and cabriolet.

FWD models will be powered by the much rumored with 1.5 liter, 3-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Codenamed the N37 and N38, respectively, the engines are halfed versions of BMW ‘s current 3.0 liter offerings and will feature all of the current Efficient Dynamics tricks as well as some we have yet to see.