Vision Effecient Dynamics Concept to Become the i8

According to BMW insider Scott 27 the Vision concept car that BMW has touted for well over a year will become the i8. Under the new naming conventions BMW intends to use the “i ” prefix to all highly efficient models marketed under the new BMW Project “i ” sub-brand. Certainly nothing “visionary ” about that but it ‘s certainly in keeping with BMW naming traditions.

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  • JonPD

    Could just be me but not a fan of the i designation. Feels like they are some where between trying to jump on Apple’s bandwagon and hoping madly that they can steal some of the thunder from the R8 with their i8.

    What does this mean for the other cars, ie we already have a 335i that really does not come across as a efficient model lol.

  • odHbo

    I don’t think this car is going to hold value to many until the first time they see it pass them on the road. This car will represent a new direction in automotive design and integrity.

    This is just my opinion.