With the upcoming Megacity range of lightweight efficient vehicles, BMW is gearing up to produce enormous amounts of Carbon Fiber. However one of the biggest hurdles in CF production is of course cost. So BMW engineers have been hard at work developing a way to minimize cost while maximizing the effectiveness of the material.

The video above (likely the most boring and/or interesting videos you ‘ll see all year) shows BMW ‘s thinking on how to effectively make cheap CF. Due to manufacturing and design reasons the Megacity will be a body on frame design with the chassis made out of aluminum and the body made out of carbon fiber. The thought is that the aluminum structure would have been too costly to make out of CF. Additionally an aluminum crash structure is also easier to deal with on the repair side.

One of the rather interesting parts of the process (and the video – trust us) is BMW ‘s use of scrap material to make Carbon Fiber. It also allows BMW to increase the percentage of recycled parts that will make up each car.

The best part of all of this? This process of producing CF is the future and BMW is getting involved on the ground floor. This can only mean good things for the cars we will be driving in the future (even if that doesn ‘t include a Megacity electric car in our garages).

(Hat tip to Bimmerpost)