BMWNA Prices the 1 Series M Coupe: $47,010


Today BMW announced the 1 Series M Coupe (aka the 1M) will have a base price of 47,010 (including $875 destination fee). While it ‘s about $1,000 higher than we had anticipated it ‘s still about $13,000 cheaper than any other M car offered and only $7,085 more expensive than a stock 135i.

BMW NA also announced pricing on several other cars today at detroit. The stunning, all-new 2012 BMW 650i Convertible will start at $91,375 and be available this spring. Finally, the updated and better-equipped 2012 BMW 1 Series models will be priced as-follows: 128i Coupe, $31,825, 135i Coupe, $39,925, 128i Convertible, $37,475, 135i Convertible, $44,675. All prices include $875 Destination & Handling fee. (official release after the break)


Official Release: The all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupe, at $47,010, is a car built by BMW’s most enthusiastic engineers for BMW’s most enthusiastic drivers, and signals the youthful, energetic future of BMW M. Essentially a BMW M3 chassis with Competition Package packed into a modified 1 Series body, the 1 Series M Coupe is one of the fastest, most remarkable M vehicles ever built. It features one of the most powerful inline-6 engines BMW has ever built, massive brakes, and a very wide footprint for maximum agility and stability in the spirit of the original BMW M3, which was a race-ready homologation special. The 1 Series M Coupe will be available in limited quantity as a 2011 model.


BMW’s magnificent new 650i Convertible ($91,375) features a lower, wider canvas on which the designers have crafted an elegant shape of pure dynamic presence. Going on sale as a 2012 model, the 650i Convertible features BMW’s 4.4-liter, “reverse flow” V-8 engine with 400 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. Two transmissions are available including the standard 6-speed manual and BMW’s brilliant optional 8-speed automatic, both suited perfectly to the sport-luxury mission of the 6 Series. As with the previous 6 Series Convertible, the new 650i Convertible features a super insulated folding soft top which can retract in a mere 19 seconds at vehicle speeds up to 25 miles per hour. The interior of the new 650i Convertible features a fresh, ergonomic design with more passenger space, improved ergonomics, and superb materials choices, including optional full-leather trim with contrasting stitching.


Last, but not least, the popular BMW 1 Series Coupe and Convertible models have received substantial enhancements for an early start to the 2012 model year. The 128i model has received BMW’s innovative Air Curtain system, which smoothes airflow over the front wheels to reduce wind resistance. All 1 Series models receive updated headlight and tail light assemblies, featuring a new “eyebrow” design up front and new tail lights at rear. Xenon Adaptive headlights – standard on 135i models, optional on 128i models – add LED backlighting for the new eyebrow and LED light tubes in the tail lights. All 1 Series models now feature standard iPod/USB integration. Convertible models now feature standard through-loading system for improved storage capacity, while 135i models gain standard power seats with adjustable lumbar support. Convertible models receive larger light-alloy wheels, now 17” diameter on 128i Convertible and 18” diameter on the 135i Convertible.

The 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe, as well as the 2012 650i Convertible, and 1 Series Coupe and Convertible arrive at authorized BMW centers this Spring.

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  • chad

    Gabe, any word on ED pricing details? I know it will be available…but reading between the lines on a recent bimmercast lead me to belive that it may be a little different for the 1M?

  • Gabe

    Look for our interview with BMWNA M Brand manager Matt Russell tomorrow for your answer.

  • jpd

    I assume that one would need an income of $120K plus given that a car should not represent much more than 20% of an individuals income. Yes, I know there’s leasing, but why rent except for the fact that many Americans are unwilling to save. Oh yes, when will loans extend out as far as 84 months. This is going to be a great ride, but you will need to pony up the $$$$ to have one.

  • RJ

    I just don’t get BMW’s thinking that a $50k base car is affordable for ”young” people.

    • As for pricing- it is the cheapest M car ever if you adjust for inflation.

      BMWs are not for everyone and not everyone can afford one- especially an M.

  • Be very grateful there in NA. Down here in Australia, with parity on AUD/US dollar exchange rate, we’ll be looking at on road cost around $100k.


    Will have to stick with my ’96 E36 M3 for a few more decades. But at least we got the Euro spec 😉


  • jpd

    I suspect that prospective customers include employees of Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Apple. The remaining millions who are engineers, teachers etc: will shop for?????

  • James

    So, a $2,000-ish bump in price on the 135i gets us power seats and iPod integration? Ouch.

  • goat

    As I have posted before, the price delta over a 135i is fully justified by hardware. And if that’s not enough it should be justified by the driving experience (particularly handling and steering feel). And if that’s not enough it is further justified by appearance (the width and aggressive stance visually balances the otherwise-odd side creases of the e82 and the otherwise-featureless hood). And if that’s not enough the price is justified by the expected rarity of this model over the 135i, both short term and definitely longer term. And if that is STILL not enough… well… you would not really “get” the M, so save your money and let those who do enjoy this car. 🙂

  • jpd

    I guess the word “not for everyone” means most of us except for a select few. BMW would do well to temper their rhetoric that the 1M is for the rest of us. Whoever that will be?????