BMW X1 Delayed Until Fall 2011

We confirmed yesterday that BMWNA has pushed back the X1 launch for the US market to the fall of 2011. The reason given? There is simply lots going on with BMW marketing and product launches. However, during our conversation it also became clear that launching this car in the US isn ‘t a huge priority for BMW AG when it comes down to profits. For starters, the X1 is selling very well in Europe – where it ‘s made. Profit margins will be razor thin on the model in the US given the Euro to Dollar exchange rates and simply pushing out the launch may help BMW financially.

That aside we ‘re interested in getting behind the wheel of the X1 given our longtime love of BWM wagons. The X1 is of course the most wagon like crossover BMW currently makes and could fill the void created when the 3er touring leaves these shores in about a year.

Yup, don ‘t be surprised.

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  • Herr26

    I was told that the X1 is expected to be launched at the New York Autoshow until someone from BMW.CA called and said we will be launching it at Montreal. The apparent launch for the (US market) is still apparently at the NYIAS prior to sales begining in the Autumn, where it is more likely the M-Sport Packet will be offered simultaneously with the US launch. You will see the X1 with M-Sport Packet launched at the Geneva autoshow in March which will add more visual sportiness to the X1. Which has surpassed 100,000 units in just over a year.

  • Stefan

    If this car ever gets to the US with the N55, it could potentially be a Subaru/Mitsubishi fighter..

  • Axel

    Damn, I have to wait again! WTF, but gathering in the info above this vehicle must great looking by the way sales have been posted 100k in one year wow!!!