BimmerCast #42: 4 Cylinders in the US, NAIAS Wrap-up, 1M & Alpina in the US


(Due to connection issues this episode of the BimmerCast has poor audio quality – you ‘ve been warned) We ‘re back from NAIAS and ready to recap what we ‘ve seen and what we ‘ve heard. But first BMw has a new four cylinder and it ‘s destined for the US market. Yes this is the engine that is meant to kill the last naturally aspirated inline six with more power and better efficiency. We break down what it is, when we ‘ll see it and how it stacks up against the competition.

Then there ‘s NAIAS 2011. Yes there was a BMW stand outside of the 1M. The new 6er and the 1 Series coupe and convertible were in attendance and looks great. The 6er in particularly was gorgeous in person (if you could get the Chinese automotive engineers away from it).

We then move to Alpina and it ‘s future in the US. Yes there is a future but it ‘s hard to do anything more than speculate about B3s, B5s and even D3s on US roads.

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  • Drill

    Hi guys, good show. Do you know if the Military Sales allocations are for sure coming or does the fact that BMW is pushing them back to November indicate that Military Sales might not get ANY allocations?


  • Dylan

    I wonder if we’ll see a tuned version of this engine in the next generation 1 Series M Coupe, given that the M3 will be getting the 6 cylinder.

  • chad

    like you allude to in this show- you should do a short show on the dealer allocation/ED issue.

  • capital

    Gabe, you NEED to buy a proper microphone. I know you got $99 somewhere.

    These podcast are practically unlistenable.

    • I tend to think the issue was with the Internet. Gabe has a nice mic and I have a Blue already.

      We’ll sort it out some more, we apologize.


  • 03beastcharmer

    Love you guys. The audio levels were off for this one. Not sure what you said about the 6 series at the 8 min mark.

  • Gabe

    Love you guys. The audio levels were off for this one. Not sure what you said about the 6 series at the 8 min mark.

    I took this offline for a day while I tried to find the time to go over it in detail. To be honest… I didn’t really hear anything that bad. In fact other than the time when I move away from the mic for a second or the connection got bad it sounded completely in line with other podcasts like this to me. Am I missing something? I really would like to get to the bottom of this.

    And I have a professional mic and USB pre-amp.

  • For me, the sound is much lower than White Roof Radio. I have my speakers turned to 11 and it is still very quiet.