Is This the Face of BMW\’s FWD Future?

German magazine Autobilde seems to think it ‘s close enough to put on this week ‘s cover.

The 1001 (yes the infamous FWD BMW) will be based on the next generation MINI platform and along with sharing engines with the brand. The car will likely not come to the US but instead will be sold as an efficient cost effective way into the BMW brand throughout most of the rest of the world.

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  • bmw

    Let’s hope not!

  • SMP

    While I’m not in love with the design of the latest BMWs, there is no way they would come up with something this unappealing.

  • Herr26

    It actually works within real-life. BMW’s styling evolved from Single round headlights to twin Headlights. BMW see this car as something that has to stand out in not in terms of dynamics but also appearance if the car is to be universally accepted. The single headlight look evokes back to the BMW 1600 and gives the small compact it’s identity , The single headlight is accomodated by three individual LED bars at the side of the unit for increased illumination.

    The BMW Front wheel Drive family and the next MINI family are expected before the end of this decade to add 800,000 sales to make BMW reach it’s 2 million units target in 2020.

  • rj

    I think it looks great!! I like it.

  • GJR

    I love the return to the single headlight on each side!

  • CCBiggs

    A hideous watering down of the brand. Let’s hope we never see it on U.S. shores. Awful.

  • Dylan

    Looks fantastic.

  • The car simply looks surprised that it’s a FWD! 🙂

  • Stefan

    I’ve found a way to look on the bright side. If BMW produces all these FWD cars, their overall company CO2 emissions and fuel consumption numbers will drop right? That should leave a little extra room for cars that are more relevant to our interests! 😀

  • Stefan, I agree with you 100%. BMW worked hard to build up its performance oriented image so this move is needed to continue building cars that folks like you and I like.

  • Natextr

    I kinda like it…

  • HERR26

    The earliest beginnings for this car when it became apparent that it will share it’s architecture with the MINI was for to completely distance both cars in overall appearance whilst the MINI retains typical MINI design DNA. The next MINI plays around with the features but still comes out identifiable as a MINI. Of course which is a priority however is how these cars drive and BMW understand the importance of these two cars that they cannot be simply a facsimile of each other. and that they have to retain each brands attributes,character and of course DNA.

    For BMW there could be no sticking a BMW badge on a MINI that would not work especially for a premium brand. From the early conceivement of the FWD strategy , The first thing was to study all the “entry” BMW’s through audio-visual and then visit BMW classic where the cars are easily accessible.

    The car that spurns the creativity for the City Car is the BMW 1600. Especially in how as an entry vehicle it progressed into the 2002 – E21 and the E30 of course the 1600, 2002 and E21 brought that shark-like snout to the entry level but evolved the look of a BMW especially from it’s face with a single headlight towards a double headlight.

    The single headlight is seen as a symbol of the “entry class” and becomes a feature to showcase the new BMW Compact City car that this is the entry model. So far what is committed to production is three initial Concepts – The city car , CGT Compactive Gran Tourer and FAST , Family Activity Sports Tourer. The CGT allows BMW to not introduce a 5dr City Compact. Whilst the FAST is seen as a demand for a BMW with extra flexibility especially in the Mini-MPV segment in Europe. FAST is a mixture of Touring,MPV and an X vehicle if specified with xDrive. FAST is a way of giving a concept that is demanded by customers but interpreting it in a whole different way. In other words not a van with sliding doors and allround glasshouse.

    But the FWD story does not end there. If the car is successful after it’s initial market integration. Then like MINI , BMW will decide on further concepts including a 2dr sedan and maybe a entry Sports car.

    The FWD strategy alligned with MINI will be productive and very cost-effective for BMW. Two different brands with two very different DNA’s is how BMW understand the need for both to succeed. BMW’s strategy between the two families MINI and the FWD BMW’s is to equal 800,000 units before the end of this decade.

  • not gonna lie. I like it

  • JonPD

    “For BMW there could be no sticking a BMW badge on a MINI that would not work especially for a premium brand.”

    Very confused by this Herr26, are you saying that MINI is playing lip service every time it calls itself a premium brand?? While I have little doubt this development upscale to the MINI but how does BMW define premium that makes it so different that BMW/MINI being premium? With these two cars likely to be attracting a similar buyer I do wonder just how BMW is going to sell this brand image while keeping the premium brand image for MINI.