BMW Releases the X1 With M Sport Package

Want an X1 with some M window dressing? BMW has you covered with the new M Sport Package available this spring on the X1. The M Sport specification sees 17-inch star-spoke M alloy wheels, chrome plated door sill finishers with M designation, High-gloss Shadowline exterior trim for the window surrounds, M Sport multi-function steering wheel, Sport seats and Anthracite headlining added.

The option will be available this spring and in the US at launch early next year. Our take? We ‘d rather have one of these.

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  • JonPD

    I agree 100%

    No surprise there though since my feelings about ///M and Savs are known. I sadly do expect an eventual Momsport development though.

  • Sean

    The ///M Badge would be better applied with some racing pedigree. I say rally the sucker!

  • Evan

    I’d rather have a Touring too.

    Variety doesn’t equal GTs and no wagons. It means wagons and GTs if you insist on putting the latter on our roads.

  • jayparry

    I didnt feel the x1 was truly integrated into the lineup until this Msport model. This is way better than the new x3 and i would easily consider it coming from a 1-series. They need to bring it here already. Bravo BMW. The wagon is lame, this is cool.

  • Stefan

    I would rather have a wagon as well.. BUT. Where I live this vehicle makes a ton of sense. Alberta has some rough roads that require a slightly higher ride height. It’s the main reason my M3 stays in the garage most of the time.

    If they drop the N55 into this vehicle, I’m in. Maybe some beefed up sway bars, aluminum skid plate, tougher suspension… might make a good rally-crosser.