Axis of Oversteer Weighs a 1M


With a full tank of gas and fully loaded with options the 1M appears to weigh in at 3351 lbs. We ‘ve been told by people in the know that that number is about 120 lbs lower than a comparably equipped 135i. How? The lack of a sunroof certainly helps. But beyond that extensive use of aluminum in the suspension and perhaps the removal of some sound deadening material made it possible.

Keep in mind the 1M features some pretty heavy hardware from the M3; the rear diff, 19 ” wheels just to name two. The fact it ‘s lighter than the 135i is still pretty surprising.

via Axis

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  • Mark

    Wish it was lighter.

  • Mr Mowse

    120 lbs lighter than the 135i? M3 suspension, huge tires, limited slip, body kit, AND about 35 more HP? since the 135i is regularly tested at 4.7 0-60 the 1M should be around 4.4 territory. At a price of $47k??? The TT_RS and Cayman R will be $15-$20k more expensive for roughly the same performance. Al reviews are glowing.

    So why am I reading negative comments from the peanut gallery? Bizzare? So what if it’s not a “NA” engine? I’ve owned a Cayman S and a Elise SC and I’m telling you I was one of the first to put in an order for this bad boy!

  • No bad, certainly would be happy to see closer to the 3200lbs flat range. But looks like we are slowly moving in the right direction.

  • goat

    MrMowse is right – the curb weight is excellent given it has all that additional hardware (huge rims, wider track suspension from M3) and yet retains conveniences like air conditioning etc. It isn’t going to get much lighter for the e82 platform than what the M group has achieved here unless you pull the back seat. So this is not a bad weight at all… very competitive in the 2+2 performance group. So no one can call this car overweight unless they are comparing it to cars from well over a decade ago… which is hardly fair I’d say.

    Having said that, it is still several hundred lb more than what Porsche manages in the Cayman (which though it is a 2 seater, is similar in size to the e82). And about the same as the 911 RWD models. So there is room for lightweighting in the next generation of BMW products and from what we have read here on BF and elsewhere, this is indeed coming.