First 1M on US Soil Spied

Our friendly M Brand Manager Matthew Russell is on his way to Daytona (as seen here on BMWUSA ‘s FB site) and is taking the first US bound 1M with him. It ‘s a loaded example with everything but Navigation included. So if you see an orange flash somewhere on the east coast today, you ‘ve been warned.

You can see more photos at BMWBlog.

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  • If you have a chance, please let Matt know HESS is not on the list of top tier gasolines. 🙂 ..

    ..LOL I am just joking.

    • ZHP- you bring up a good point, although I agree that HESS is not great gas (I prefer BP or Shell) when market testing a car they need to use random brands- compare performance/mpg and if any issues arise. Things like software can be tweaked if needed.

      This car is not in final trim- but is final for drivetrain and software. If you notice the lights are wrong and there are a few others bits that are not final for fit and finish- the paint is also not production final.

      The first run of production is not until March so things can be changes still ( exhaust tuning for example).

      I am going to wait until a production car hits the streets before making any concrete judgments.


  • Mr Mowse

    those wheels are worth price of admission alone. I cannot wait til mimne comes!

  • JonPD

    Looking good in the real world pics

  • Mr Mowse

    I saw some nice interior night pics on 1addicts. Why aren’t the gauges lit in orange like my 3 series and Z4 were? I’ve been driving Minis for awhile and still assumed all gauges lighting was still orange.

    I’m a little dissapointed.

    • ///M uses white backlighting with Red needles a tradition of sorts.

  • chas58

    wheels are nice, but those tires have to be quite the handful in the snow. Hope it stays dry for him (doesn’t look like it though).

  • alpinamike

    Matt was like “road trip time”!

    The red I saw at Detroit look nice.