Final US 1M Ordering Guide Leaked

Thanks to a crafty member of 1Addicts we have the final US 1M ordering guide. Early thoughts? Both good and bad.

When the ordering guide first was released there was outrage that BMW was forcing potential owners to order several packages just to get popular options such as an iPod connector and Navigation. In talking with BMWNA M Brand head Matthew Russell it was clear he was pushing for changes that would satisfy those who wanted a few specific options without having to order $5000 worth of packages. While that ‘s proven to be correct in two cases, we ‘re still left needing to order a full specced car for a couple of key options.

The two changes we can point to with the updated ordering guide (that we ‘re aware of) is 6FL iPod connectively and 639 BMW Assist/Bluetooth as a standalone options. Otherwise everything else remains intact. So once again if you want navigation (an increasingly popular option with the all technology BMW leverages the screen for) you ‘ll need to not only order one package full of options but both. The same goes for things like comfort access and evenpark distance control.

What we don ‘t know yet are prices. But based on BMWNA ‘s pricing of the 135i we can make some assumptions. We ‘d expect the Premium Package (ZPP) to retail for under the $1950 that it costs on the 135i since the car comes standard with leather. Based on that we ‘d look for it retail between $1100 to $1400 (considering leather costs $1450 standalone).

Next up we have the Convenience package. On the 135i this is an $1000 option and includes alarm, keyless and PDC. On the M3 it ‘s priced at $2900 and not only includes Nav (normally a $2100 stand-alone option) but also the iPod adapter (typically $400). If you take away that last option you have the 1M Convenience package. Based on this we would expect the 1M Convenience Package to retail from $2300 to $2500.

Confused yet? Hopefully we all won ‘t be within a few weeks when BMWNA releases final pricing.

BF Analysis

We have yet to see how BMW prices these options but we can ‘t help but be a little disappointed by what we see above. The thing that is particularly galling about this move is that it ‘s at odds with what this car has been marketed as. BMW has gone out of their way to say the 1M is a return to the roots of BMW M. Unfortunately someone didn ‘t tell the accountants in Munich (where these decisions were likely made) and the US customer is once again forced to choose between a stripped down car or one full of options and extra weight.

Surely profit margins will be tight and this move was likely made to make the 1M a money making proposition for the US market. And it ‘s a completely understandable given that BMW is the business of making not just great cars but also money. However this is a bit disappointing given that I ‘ve ordered a 1M to be a back to basics car. I had planned on Nav, iPod, Bluetooth and nothing else. Now I ‘ll be having to remove Nav from the possibilities given I don ‘t want the weight, cost and complexity of having a full optioned 1M. Unfortunately for BMW that also means they just lost out on another $2100 of my money. I can ‘t help but wonder how many others are in my shoes.

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  • Dylan

    Stink. How much extra weight do you anticipate the car would gain with all the options selected?

  • Jim

    Wrong link posted.

    Correct one –

  • Michael

    I had Comfort Access on my 135 and loved having it. Very disappointed that I won’t be getting it this time.

  • PsyQ

    Consider this: base price for 1M in Germany is $69K (as per today’s exchange rate)…

    Even accounting for the German value added tax of 19% – 1M is still considerably cheaper in the USA.

    I know this does not matter to you guys too much, and that indeed the tricks car manufacturers use to hike up the price like bundling extras in separate “packages” suck… but you ARE getting the same car for much much less money than we in the Europe..

    I guess BMW has to find way to increase the margins in the U.S. when they are offering the base package for much less than in rest of the world. I’d say this (bundling) is still better than things like omitting the additional oil cooler like in 335i case.

    • @psyq- you can’t do a dollar conversion on goods to equate value. Economics and price parity are more complex than this. You have to account for purchasing power. The US simply has more purchasing power, to look at it (PP) the Economist publishes the Big Mac index as an indicator of how much purchasing power a monetary unit has- another one is looking at the price of a Coke, we can buy more for cheaper regardless of the value of a Euro etc.

  • Erik

    Very disappointed that NAV isn’t standalone. I’m seriously rethinking this option and saving the money. Don’t want comfort access, alarm or PDC and can do without most of the Premium Package.

    Not cool BMW!

  • JonPD

    I am 100% with you Gabe. Right now the only options I am looking at are Ipod and bluetooth. I just had more time with a E86 M and I am now leaning back towards it I must admit.

  • PsyQ


    I am not trying to equate value – but the thing is, BMW is a German company, and they do their accounting in EUR as well as paying many suppliers that supply parts that create one 1M (most of them being close to the HQ).

    So, they actually do earn less per one 1M sold in U.S. than in ROTW. I am also sure that the U.S. market is still quite lucrative because of the purchasing power – they do sell lots of cars there.

    And precisely because of the lower margins, I believe, there are some differences in the offers – bundling extras is just one of the possibilities to mitigate the lower margins (a bit).

    Like I said – that 335i oil cooler in the U.S. market was not missing for no apparent reason.

    Consumers do have every right to be not happy about those measures (as I would be, no doubt) – it is just that the bigger picture sometimes tells a different story, or at least provide some rationale for the decisions made.

  • Joe C

    Regarding PPP, the lower US prices (when converted to Euros) is what gives rise to the PPP adjustment. It is the result rather than the cause. I wonder if anyone knows why Eurozone or Brit cars are priced so much higher? Since the cost to produce the 1M is the same whether it is sold in the US or Europe (given its high German content), I think tax plays a big role. I believe that VAT is included in the Eurozone price, and that VAT is 19-20% We should tax-adjust the sales prices for an apples to apples comparison.

  • BJ

    Gabe – any chance of contacting Mark Russell to confirm this is it? Stand-alone Nav would have been really helpful – especially those of us doing ED!

    • BJ- It’s Matthew not Mark and he has confirmed things with us prior to our publishing of this article- we always check when we can.

      It is worth noting that there have been changes made that are better than the original offered packaging- we’d love to have seen Nav as a standalone but it didn’t happen.

      What people need to realize is that they have to package things in a limited run car to keep costs down- for them and the consumer. Some items may need modules that are different from one configuration to another and that greatly adds to the cost. Yes packaging should be similar but not identical to say a 135i so it would not be a big deal BUT the way BMW AG sees this car is as a separate model so they charge BMWNA accordingly. A different bracket here a longer wiring harness there all add to the cost (much more significantly than one would think.) FYI the amp bracket in my M3 was around a $75 part and one in a 335 is $7.50 just as a rough example (had my amp changed out and needed a new bracket).

  • Will

    It’s weird that you can’t get the Convenience package without getting Premium too. :-/

    Anyone know if the Navigation includes BMW Connected??

  • Stacy

    I have a Garmin Nuvi with European Maps. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter. Don’t get me wrong it’s not as sleek as having it in-dash, but it works (Italy) and for as often as I need nav it works fine. I don’t often get lost on the way to work. Also, I was in Hawaii and had my Garmin otherwise, I would have gotten lost there on the way to the rental car place, which is hidden (Enterpirse) and not with the rest of them or signed very well either. I hope I haven’t offended anyone. I am excited to hear more about ED because that is going to be a trip of a lifetime. I am grateful for you guys getting the ipod hook up for us without a big package. I will prob get both ipod and blue tooth in SBM. I think I might have the wheels painted black and window tints.

  • Fillip

    FYI on the premium package pricing. Your price assumption is incorrect. Leather is “standard” on the 128i and 135i in 2011 (actually, “no charge” with the Value Package) so it is not included in the cost of the Premium Package.

  • Is BMW Individual program available for all models? I would love to see this car in Technoviolet, would trade that with all other other non-standard options.

  • andy

    Gosh I want one too, but it would definitely be the basic model with Blue Tooth and Ipod connect. I love my 09 135 convertible but I would need to see and drive the new 1m before I trade in.

  • AC

    I don’t get it, how much do you think comfort access and an alarm will add to the weight of the car? You honestly think they will cut into your lap times or something? LOL

    If you are concerned about that weight add bran to your diet and stay regular, otherwise enjoy what is after all, a street car with some basic conveniences!

    If ou want lightweight strip it and cage it! 🙂

    • AC- it’s not the CA or alarm- it is the damn heavy ass seats! Granted I agree with your view that if you want to truly track it you should strip it and cage it!

      I am not in the market for the 1M but I would have- heated seats, Nav, BT, and IPod. That’s it.

      Really I just want an E36 with a cage and some Sparcos

  • Dolla

    No one has tried answering the first post yet? Dylan: “Stink. How much extra weight do you anticipate the car would gain with all the options selected?”

    Can Anyone do a rough estimate using a e82 135i/e92 M3 options of lbs saved if you do not order ZCV+ZPP. I know it may not be the exact equipment part for part but there are probably enough examples out there to figure it out.

    TL;DR: estimate weight difference between power seats/nav/lighting bits vs no options

    • Ok power seats add roughly 60 lbs for the pair more compared to manual. I do not have the numbers off hand, but seem to remember seeing that on a forum. I’ll try to get hard numbers as soon as I can. I know in a Porsche it is a 100 more per pair and BMWs are not as aggressive in weight savings.

      HK radio is another 10-15 lbs, larger amp, added speakers, larger magnets. additional wiring.

      The rest of the stuff is maybe another 20 lbs for the electronics, wiring, modules etc. Since this car only comes in leather there is no way to shave weight there.

      I think the big issue is not the weight (outside the seats) but the cost and added complexity. This car was originally marketed as a youthful drivers car, and the packaging is geared in another direction.

      The cost is high and if you plan on keeping this car as a collectors item you don’t want electronics all over the place. As they say- keep it simple stupid.

      If you are really dead set on saving weight and want to get all the added stuff- take out the rear seats when you do not require them.

  • chrisM

    I agree that the intent of this car was simplicity and the driving experience. For that I’m surprised how many people are whining about the overpriced navigation system. (Be advised I’m somewhat of an anti-nav guy).

    Does anybody think it’s odd that BMW hasn’t come out with final pricing for options and packages. Not that I’ll cancel my 1M order, but given that production starts in March I would like to know my total price.

  • Bob

    Michael, you are way, way, way, way, way too high on the weight estimate for power seats.

    Bob loves ya.

    ps- way too high.

    • Bob- as I stated I have the Porsche numbers which is 100 lbs over manual for the pair. I half recall- gestated the BMWs. I bet your right though as the 1M only gets standard sport seats with power and not the huge hogs the M3 gets with all the added mass they bring!

      The real issue is not weight, it’s the packaging. My (and it appears others) biggest gripe with ///M is the way a purchaser is forced to buy crap they do not want to get something they do. There is already a huge price delta over a standard series car so why the need to make money on packages? Just add an extra grand in the stripper version and call it even for those that don’t want all the crap.

      This gives my argument for Alpina in the US more weight. Those that want performance and luxury can by an Alpina ( I would be happy to write about an Alpina daily-diesel) and those that want high performance with less bulk by the M. Porsche makes a turbo and GT3 for this reason and last time I checked they made the most per car.

      Bob I think I ought to work for BMW sometimes…. if it’s not obvious I am passionate!

      People are hung up on weight- take out the back seats- trunk liner and you are all set! Lol.

  • Gabe

    If you are really dead set on saving weight and want to get all the added stuff- take out the rear seats when you do not require them.

    Don’t forget the head-rests! That’s at least 1-2lbs per 🙂

  • Michael

    I agree that the issue really isn’t the weight or, for me, even the cost of the packages; it is the inablity to spec the car exactly as I want it. BMW’s gamble paid off though, it won’t stop me from getting one. But, I will secretly be disappointed in what I couldn’t get.

  • Gabe

    BMW’s gamble paid off though, it won’t stop me from getting one. But, I will secretly be disappointed in what I couldn’t get.

    Completely agree. Again I would pay the same money if BMW took out the electric seats.

  • Carzzi

    I look at the 1M as an exercise in cynicism: it’s a dealership-lure for prospects: be baited by the 1M and end up switching to a 335i/iS (or even an M3) for not a whole lot of $$ more. Its limited numbers and high price guarantee this… only the true enthusiasts with deep pockets will see past the cynicism and get one.

  • Drill

    The only thing stopping me from getting one is… BMW 🙁