BMW Megacity to get Official Name February 21st & Be Lease Only?

Automotive News spoke with a few BMW board members about the Megacity recently and shed some new light on the electric city car. The biggest news is that BMW is considering offering the Megacity as a lease only vehicle. But not necessarily the leases we all are familiar with but short term leases that look for like car sharing plans.

Also mentioned in the piece is that BMW will be unveiling the name of the car (and likely a bit more) on February 21st. Apparently it may not be iSetta after all?

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  • Mr Mowse

    Sounds familiar ala the Mini E. Symbolism over substance.

    • @Mr. Mowse, not sure how anyone can say there is no substance to the Mega City- it is the FIRST mass produced carbon fiber passenger cabin. This car will revolutionize transportation.

  • Mr Mowse

    Simple. It’s electric. In 1911 it was predicted that the electric car would revolutionize the industry. 100 years later they’re still golf carts pretending to be cars.

    All so people can show that they “care” more than I do.

  • lava

    I want an electric car because I believe it will eventually perform better and be easier to maintain than current cars. I don’t care what you care about.