BMW 1M Production Rumors

Before we get into breaking down these rumors, we present you some random footage of someone tailing a Alpine White 1M in the UK. Fast forward to the 1:50 mark if you want any confirmation on how fast the 1M will be.

Now onto the rumors. Our friends at BMWBlog recently posted some information that indicated the US was only going to see 600 examples of the 1M on these shores. It didn ‘t take long for people to do the math and realize that that means (if true) only two cars per dealer at most. Since that time they ‘ve removed the post and all mention of the info on their site. (Updated it ‘s still there and can be found here). We believe that number to be wrong due to the situation still being a little fluid.

We ‘re going to go on record and will say that we won ‘t be speculating until we get actual information from BMW on the matter. We ‘ve already done enough of it on recent BimmerCasts. Instead the only thing we ‘ll say on the subject is to echo what Dr. Segler said in our recent interview. The car will be very hard to get and gone before you know it. But let ‘s dive a little deeper into why both of those statements are likely true.


Dr. Segler has promised this will be a collectors car. It ‘s easy to dismiss this is marketing speak but we think there ‘s something behind those words. We don ‘t have to go far to find an example of Dr. Segler ‘s success in this exact arena; the MINI JCW GP. 414 made for the US and within three years of its release it was being called a collectors car by the New York Times of all places. It was priced aggressively with no options and offered only in manual form. And like the 1M it originally polarized the enthusiast community. But it didn ‘t take long for MINI find customers for all 414 imported. And now four years later you can find used GPs (with decent mileage on them) for close to MSRP.

While we certainly expect more that 414 1Ms in the US (no we ‘re still not speculating), the market for such a car is much larger than the GP. And the collectors market is even larger than it is for the GP. All this points to a car that sells for MSRP (at best) and loses a little value before starting to stabilize in 4-5 years time. But more importantly it points to a very special car that likely won ‘t be duplicated anytime soon (special edition M3s aside).


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  • bmwblog
  • Gabe

    And there it is. Thanks for that. The post has been updated.

  • bmwblog

    Gabe, I won’t get into the specifics here, but that’s the number communicated to all dealerships, in an official way. YES, it will most likely change based on a conversation I had this week with BMWNA, more on that I guess in a few days.

  • JRobUSC

    I don’t know what kind of car the guy who filmed that video was in (based on the appearance of the dash top and the sound I’m guessing it was a V8 Benz), but he got absolutely WALKED by the M Coupe. Nice.

  • Gabe

    Gabe, I won’t get into the specifics here, but that’s the number communicated to all dealerships, in an official way. YES, it will most likely change based on a conversation I had this week with BMWNA, more on that I guess in a few days.

    Yup – next week will be interesting to say the least. Thanks for the clarification!

  • Michael

    JBRobUSC – That it was I got out of that video also. If the 1M doesn’t need to slow down, that trailing car doesn’t catch back up.

  • HERR26

    I recognise the location as BMW’s UK HQ. In the UK BMW has authorisation for highways approved testing in the UK meaning there is a rule book for travelling above the speed limit in UK specific testing with authorisation from local government and the police. Hopefully the car is not affected by the conditions of UK roads which to me are some of the worst maintained roads in the world.

    The driver of the chase car does not…

  • I reckon the numbers will be fluid if the official word from BMW Australia is anything go by. There were rumours that we would only see 100 1Ms, but the info from BMW Aus states “around 100 units”.

    So, either they’re being deliberately evasive, or continued demand will see more cars sent down under. Alternatively, I guess, it could mean reduced demand sees some of our allocation sent to another overseas market!

  • Mr. Mowse

    Oh Man! For a second I thought we were gonna see an epic showdown with that Cayman S!

  • yourbestsource

    there will be between 25 and 65 units produced per month starting in March. Total production for the year will be right around 600 units.

    • Yourbestsource- thanks for your take but we have information that is a bit different. Also, numbers can change, based on demand in world markets etc.

  • yourbestsource


    Things can always change, you’re right. I wouldn’t share the info if I wasn’t 100% sure of the production scheduled just shared with us for North American release. You can also add November to your schedule for the production start of the F30 3 series.

  • Folks, anyone else recall the ZHP introduction in 2003? Same deal, 2 per dealer in terms of allocations, however customers were able to order more cars. I have a feeling they are going to do the same thing with this one.

  • goat

    The 1M is positively squirting away from every light… that’s torque doing its magic. Very nice.

  • Michael

    As a small point of verification, I just received an email from my CA and his dealership here in AZ is getting 3 1M’s. For the entire year. And it is a large dealership.

    Needless to say, all three are spoken for.

  • Gar

    THis used to be my bmwblog safety zone, theyve invaded here too 🙁