BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Video

BMW has released its first video of the new Vision ConnectedDrive concept. It ‘s all CG and pretty incredible. But that ‘s our opinion. Tell us what you think of BMW ‘s new design language in the comment section below.

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  • lava

    I really like the design language here – this sense of layers being exposed in places, however I can’t imagine them having the guts to move that treatment into production. Maybe they will surprise me.

    I like the development of the front corners – started with the vision concept and is on the 1M at a smaller scale, and that its based on the real function of creating that air curtain in front of the wheel to improve aerodynamics. Its a compelling form that I think we should see across all their car models.

    Here for a roadster – I love the head fairings but would offer that following the asymmetry of the front hood they should have had a single head fairing for the driver, and something smaller or not at all on the passenger side. I think it speaks to a more sporting look as the single head fairing was frequently seen on old racing cars. I still think that they should have done this on the Mini roadster upcoming, but lacking the courage there it could certainly find a home on the next BMW roadster.

  • oneill

    Mach 5 (Speed racer) anyone!?