1 Series Sedan Being Considered

According to Scott27 ‘s recent posting on GCF BMW is currently looking at the possibility of producing a four door sedan based on the F20 1 Series specifically for the US market. The idea is to bring back some of the character of the E36 and E46 sedans in a modern four door coupe package. Similar to the 6 Series Gran Coupe (seen above) the 1er sedan would be a low-slung niche product slotted below the 3 Series sedan.

As part of the plan BMW could potentially produce the car in Spartanburg to reduce costs for the North American market. But is this car aimed for the US market? Scott explains that having a four door sedan on the market in UK and EU countries would undercut the lucrative company car market dominated by 3 and 5 series diesel models.

Sounds great to us but what do you think? Would you consider a smaller, sleeker sedan over a 3 Series?

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  • Babak

    It really depends on how big the interior turns out to be. I know this is going to be a highly controversial statement (flame suit on), but it seems to me that a lot of BMWs have gained more exterior size than interior space in ongoing iterations. Example: the F10 5er vs the E60 5er – the F10 is a lot bigger on the outside, but inside (mainly the back) isn’t much roomier than an E60.

  • HERR26

    The issue regarding a straightforward sedan for the 1er in Europe is due to the large fleet markets BMW cater for . Local authorities such as Polizei , Customs , local authorities and of course major companies use the lower engined model of a 318d or 320d. In Germany if you have problems at home sometimes the engineer turns up in a BMW 320d Touring instead of a van. To introduce a 1er sedan in it’s most common form would mean that companies may overlook the 1er in terms for larger competitors. As of now BMW lead the fleet market with the 318d/320d and 520d in both Touring and Sedan.

    What is being proposed is simply take the idea of the Gran Coupe but shrink it towards a more accessible audience but still keeping it a niche model. By using this idea it allows BMW to maintain a leadership with the next generation F30 allowing the 1er to be introduced to a new audience without overlapping the 3er if it was a different concept.

    The 4dr 1er could be built in the US as Audi plan their four door to be built for the US in Mexico. Whilst Audi are chasing volume with a jetta based even in ideals to make Audi a more acceptable brand in the US. BMW would target the car as simply a Sportier version of the 1er Coupe who need the extra room . In general the Coupe and Cabrio 1er have been very lucrative for BMW in North America but there is demand for a Sedan from North American customers for one. By basing the 1er Sedan as a more Sportier choice using the Gran Coupe term BMW can keep the car outwith the 3er.

  • Neil

    Mixed thoughts…first, I question whether the American market really wants a smaller car. The fact is, unless gas gets really expensive, we constantly go back to the biggest things we can afford. Perhaps BMW demographics are different. But – BMW has got to find a way to lose some weight. It seems strange that cars made of aluminum and plastic keep weighing more. Yes, they are safer (5 series) and I’m not as worried as others about the gain in size (the 5 is three inches longer and .5 inches wider than the previous model. That isn’t a huge change and it appears most the size difference went into making sure pedestrians aren’t as hurt when they are hit by the car. If they can actually make a smaller car that loses a few hundred pounds to help mileage and sportiness, there might just be a market here.

  • jayparry

    1-series sedan would be awesome, just as long as it has ‘some’ legroom in the back (not a lot) kind of like an impreza or mk4 jetta. there needs to be a car that starts at $29000 and the 1-sedan could be it.

  • I think I speak for many BMW enthusiasts when I say – Hells yeah, bring it on!

    I was starting to think that BMW might loose me as a new car customer as I watched my beloved 3er get larger and larger with each generation.

  • Doubtful for US people, bigger things get more attention there, and even BMWs look more awesome when covering larger sections of road.

  • goat

    I agree wholeheartedly with ZHPRegistry – a smaller sport sedan closer in size to the e36 would be very desireable and sell very well… especially in Canada! The Mk4 Jettas were a great size for practicality in a small footprint and looked great (but were FWD – blech).

  • goat

    @ jayparry – didn’t even see your comment on the mk4 jetta until after I posted… 🙂 Glad to see I’m not the only one thinking that was a “sweet spot” for small sedan size in a euro wrapper… it sold like mad here in Canada and people still love them, especially the diesels.