BimmerCast #45: Special Edition M3s, 1M Updates, M5 Auto & the Rest of the News



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We ‘re back from a small break to talk about seemingly everything BMW. We start off with the M3 and what we want to see out of a special M3. We ‘re talking special here folks – not software and wheels. We want something we can ‘t get elsewhere. Hit the comment section below to give us (and in turn BMW) your thoughts as well.

We then tackle 1M production numbers and engine changes. Yes there will be engine changes. And final US numbers? They ‘re evolving but we give you a few bits of info which we can ‘t and won ‘t print (yet).

Moving on the M5 using an automatic. Looks like it ‘s not a done deal yet but the writing is on the wall – DCT may not be the transmission of choice as many of us had expected.

Michael and I then go through the BMW news from the past few weeks ranging from F20 1 Series updates to the F30 3 Series news. And the latter is where we spend the most time talking about weight, engines and overall position of the new car.

And what ‘s this about Infiniti and Acura? We also spend some time breaking down how those cars position themselves in the marketplace against BMW and even Audi (hint – they blow Audi away).

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  • Bob

    Good material and very entertaining. Michael blew my speakers out and I hardly heard a word Gabe said. -Bob

    • Bob- I have no idea what is up with that, same equipment. Post production mixing/compression maybe, but it is annoying and I apologize.

      My mic is in the same spot, same settings so it makes little sense to me.

      We are effecting to fix ASAP

  • Gabe

    Good material and very entertaining. Michael blew my speakers out and I hardly heard a word Gabe said. -Bob

    Our apologies. The unedited version went live for a few minutes earlier today. It’s since been equalized substantially.

  • JonPD

    Great show as normal guys, still my favorite automotive podcast by far.

    A special M3, I think they should make a E92 CSL for the US market lol.

    Btw at 43:58 the remaining 5 minutes or so is blank.

  • mellowmcs

    Yep audio goes silent at 44mins…

  • Drill

    Looks like the source file too. Both the embedded player and the iTunes file go dead at the same point.

  • Gabe

    Btw at 43:58 the remaining 5 minutes or so is blank.

    Sorry guys – a setting got turned on with the new version of Garageband that I wasn’t aware of. It’s fixed and you can hear all the glorious 50 minutes of the show 🙂

  • Drill

    The last 5 minutes are where you tell me I get to order a 1M… right??? 😉

  • Gabe

    The last 5 minutes are where you tell me I get to order a 1M… right???

    You’ll never know until you refresh and listen 🙂

  • mellowmcs

    Thanks for fixing the last 5mins 🙂 and yes suck it automatic haters! 🙂 j/k 🙂

  • Michael

    I wish on one of your podcasts you would get around to discussing an aspect of the 1M engine that really matters: the HPFP. Is that thing finally going to be fixed?

    Ok, the other stuff matters too.

    • The HPFP has not been an issue of late- we have gone into HPFP debate at for a while- heck we even rigged a car to go into limp mode and it sucks but in no means is it the end of the world.

      Honestly the recall is fixing the issue, newer gaskets are better and the software has been tweaked. The pump itself was not always the issue. The horse has been beaten and it is dead. If the replacements since the recall have issues I will get to the bottom of it- otherwise it is case closed in my opinion.

  • Michael

    @Michael – I could not disagree with you more. The HPFP continues to be an issue for most. But, you are welcome to your opinion. What does whether or not limp is “the end of the world” have to do with anything? What a pointless statement. It shouldn’t happen.

    • I just saying that people I know with “fixed” cars have no issues. It shouldn’t happen BUT BMW has extended warranties, have been updating the systems regularly and that is what they have to do.

      Please point me to the ongoing issues I would like to be more educated on the current state of things.


  • chad

    no M3 wagon comment. did the special edition M3 kill the M3 wagon?

    still a possibility?

  • goat

    Good show once again (made time to listen to it this aft while crunching data). Love the broad coverage on this episode… it kept the episode moving forward and interesting. And the back-and-forth banter between you two guys sounds genuine, that helps too. 🙂

  • Elegiac


    For the next episode of BimmerCast may I suggest you delve into the vagaries of the 1M coupe allocation process. Based on the allocation “formula” it is clear that dealers with high 1 series and M car sales volumes will get priority, but will some dealers be waiting six months to get their first and only 1M coupe? Perhaps you don’t know anything more than the rest of us about how BMW NA plans to release allocations to dealerships, but any clarification of how and when dealers will get assigned production slots would be much appreciated!

  • Mark

    +1. I’ve gone into safe mode 5 times since Jan, when all six injectors were replaced. Its still a real issue with N54. It greatly detracts from the pleasure of driving a BMW. Going into safe mode on a highway, where its not possible to pull over and restart to reset the EMS, is more than an inconvenience; its dangerous.