BMW to Launch Megacity Sub-Brand Monday


The title says it all. BMW will launch the highly anticipated new sub-brand on Monday. We ‘ll be in Munich later in the week to talk with BMW about plans for both the new sub-brand and the future of MINI.

For more background on the Megacity project read our full report here.

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  • Drill

    Wow, from that angle it definitely reminds me of the classic mini.

  • txdesign

    Can we define “launch” a bit more? Actual prototypes, or more renderings and discussions.

  • Bob

    ^ I’m assuming perhaps a brand name? I hope they go with Isetta, although lately they’ve sort of dropped the ball in the naming department (this whole sDrive, xDrive, and soon to be fDrive nomenclature has gotta go, IMO).

  • jpd

    BMW is still building the carbon factory in Moses Lake Washington USA. As a result, I would not look for it on the streets until 2013-14

    • JPD- 2013 is the target and the factory is only one phase of the production. It will create the fibers.

      The raw material is from Japan, then Moses Lake the Germany for weaving and another locale in Germany for molding.

      The Moses lake facility is not needed until production is at full tilt and to make the build cheaper. The fibers can be and are currently being made in Germany. They can build without ML just is not as cost effective.