BMW Releases M3 Performance Exhaust

BMW released it ‘s latest accessory from the BMW Performance line today with the M3 Performance exhaust. With a weight reduction of 20 lbs (around 40%) over the standard unit the exhaust gives the M3 a bit more sinister of a note. One thing to note – BMW doesn ‘t promise any performance increases. Instead they ‘re only touting weight savings and exhaust note improvements. Is it worth the $4,374 plus installation? We ‘ll let you and M3 owners be the judge of that.

One thing that is worth the money are the free exhaust ringtones after the break.

We will have more first hand information on this and other M Performance accessories later in the week so stay tuned. In the mean time have a look and listen to the exhaust in action.

Official Release: BMW today announced a new M Performance exhaust system specifically designed as an accessory for the BMW M3 Coupe, Sedan and Convertible. With the racetrack and the street in mind, this new exhaust system is crafted from an extremely heat-resistant and lightweight chrome-nickel alloy called Inconel®. This flow optimized exhaust system reduces exhaust backpressure and allows the M3’s 414 horsepower V8 engine to produce an even more powerful sound.

Inconel’s unique qualities allowed engineers to reduce the thickness of the tubing from 1.5mm to 0.8mm. This resulted in a weight reduction of approximately 40%, or about 20 lbs. when compared to the stock exhaust system. Inconel has also proven to be very corrosion resistant and has been used at the highest level of Motorsports.

The M Performance Exhaust includes perforated inner pipes and polished titanium tips, which are laser engraved with the M logo. It represents the ultimate in technology and sportiness, accentuating the individual character of the BMW M3. The exhaust was developed using state-of-the art CAD and FEM technology ensuring optimum fit and OEM quality.

The new exhaust may be installed at any Authorized BMW Center at a price of $4,374 plus installation. M Performance parts are warranted for the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period when the installation occurs before the first delivery of a new vehicle. If the M Performance parts installation occurs after the first delivery, the accessory will be warranted for the balance of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period or two years and unlimited mileage from the date of installation, whichever one is greater.

The M Performance Exhaust note can also now be downloaded as a ringtone:

For MP3 Ringtone installation instructions, please refer to your phone’s user’s manual. For iPhone installation, please follow the instructions below:

  • Download BMW_M_Performance_Exhaust_Ringtone_rev2.m4r ringtone to your computer and import the file into iTunes.
  • Sync your iPhone to iTunes and be sure to add the BMW_M_Performance_Exhaust_Ringtone_rev2.m4r to your music list.
  • After you sync your iPhone, you can assign the ringtone to one or more contacts.
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  • JonPD

    Nice sound, then again I am a fan of most every note related to that beastly motor.

  • Drill

    Ok, for an exhaust that’s sold by the manufacturer that sounds NASTY 🙂

  • Dylan

    How could you not want a V8 M3 after watching that…

    • @Dylan- like I have said- the E90 M3 with European Delivery is CHEAPER than the 1M for us in the states so why would you not consider it if there are no 1Ms to be had!

  • Dylan

    Gosh, really? That’s amazing. Taking out the “special” factor (I’d buy a 1M purely for the way the car makes me feel) surely the E90 M3 is actually a better car…and better bang for buck if it is indeed cheaper.

    BTW an E92 M3 in NZ (2 door coupe, 6 speed manual) is USD$131,774. That is not a typo. It’s NZD$173,700 which is what it comes out at with today’s exchange rate.

    I know different prices for different markets, but read it and weep. NZers are getting absolutely *$#@# on price, and we’re not a rich country.

    No word on 1M prices yet. Enjoy your new cars boys!

  • Mr Mowse

    I’m new to BMW (well, had an ’03 Z-4 awhile back) so take my comment with a grain of salt. For the price shouldn’t the M3 have tghis standard? Why is a car of this caliber sold with an exhaust that is less than the best that can be offered?

    Will something like this be offered on the 1M?

    Sorry but the M3 is just too big for my taste having come from a Elise SC and a JCW before that. My 1M order (Oct build blech)is a real step up for me in the size department.