BMW N20 Four Cylinder Turbo Animated

BMW has released a look inside the new N20 four cylinder turbo – an engine we will all know very well soon enough. The engine will be powering all 28i models in the US starting with the Z4 and 5 Series this fall. After that expect it to filter to the rest of the range as cars are updated or replaced.

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  • The variable lift demo in the 1st few seconds is just amazing! Thank you.

  • JonPD

    Gabe trying to get a handle on the difference between this and the 1.6 liter MINI motor. I have little doubt that the N20 is not a direct copy of the 1.6 Prince but do wonder how much platform sharing will be done between the brands.

    • Jon- my understanding is that this motor is basically an N55 with 2 cylinders lopped off.

  • chrisM

    Looks like a great motor. Now if BMW would only start using actual motor size for model names, e.g. 320t or 320ti instead of 328i for a car with a 2.0L turbo. The engineers need to let the marketing dorks know who’s in charge.