BimmerCast # 46: Munich Wrap-up, 1M Production, M3 Exhaust, M5 Auto & Tuned N55s



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This week we talk 1M allocation and production trying to put the nail in the coffin on many of the questions we ‘ve been getting. We also talk briefly about the 1M MotoGP pace car that happens to look an awful lot like some sort of 1M GTS.

We them move onto the M3 Performance exhaust and it ‘s glorious sound. A sound incredible enough to make Michael drive with windows down in 15 F degree weather.

Then there ‘s the next generation M5. Will it have an auto, DCT or even a manual. We weigh in with our thoughts in each and why an auto (a different kind of auto mind you) may not be a bad option.

And what about this rumor of the N54 going away? It ‘s true and we break down what to expect for the IS cars that still have it. Part and parcel to that is BMW Performance ‘s new tuned N55. This is the first time BMW has tuned a car with Valvetronic so it ‘ll be interesting to compare it to the previous offering from Performance.

Finally I wrap-up my recent trip to Munich with talk about the BMW Museum and the incredible Art Car collection that is currently on display. In short, it ‘s a must see.

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  • chrisM

    Nice cast guys. I guess one lingering question surrounding 1M allocation is this. There are several of us that are #1 on dealer lists, yet the dealer has no information on their allocation regarding numbers or dates. You make it seem as though the allocations are done, and everybody now just waits for their build. Could you please comment?

    Sorry, I guess that nail needs a couple more swings of the hammer. Thanks.

    • @chrisM- dealers should know by now. Sure the information may not have been looked at by the salesman but the info is there. Most dealers aren’t worried about a car that won’t be here until the fall, they worry about what they have on hand.

      Dealers were/should have been given the production years numbers and month of build already. Te specific date/allocation will be given out closer to the build month.

      You may want to ask the general sales manager to contact the regional rep, I know of one instance where this helped.


  • chrisM

    Thanks for the info Michael. Bet you guys never realized you would be running a 1M allocation support group when all this started 🙂

  • JonPD

    Another good show guys. Glad to know I am not alone with thinking the M3 V8 in the E89 would be lets say an interesting car.

  • Dave

    Michael, with 24:45 showing on the show timer, you were discussing the torque numbers that various transmissions could handle. At that point, you said “nanometers” as a unit of measure for torque. Not sure if that was a slip or what, but what you should have said was Newton-meters, which is the metric equivalent to the English nomenclaure for lb-ft.

    • Dave- good ears! Yeah slip of tongue, long day. That would be a small tranny though and weigh almost nothing.

  • Que

    I saw this art piece in 2009 on my visit through Germany. Very nice pieces of BMW history. A Visit to the BMW Museum and BMW Welt Retailer is a must if in Munich.



  • chad

    you guys skipped/avoided talking about ED for the 1M…

    i understand that the allocation discussion more or less answers the ED question, however, i think there is likely a backstory there in the context of the discussions/interviews with Matt Russell that seemed to confirm the opposite of what is now reality.

  • Gabe

    i understand that the allocation discussion more or less answers the ED question, however, i think there is likely a backstory there in the context of the discussions/interviews with Matt Russell that seemed to confirm the opposite of what is now reality.

    Technically you can do ED with the 1M. I’m planning on it. However since there is no ED allocation they come from the dealer cars. That means dealers are extremely unluckily to give you the ED discount. So while you can do ED you won’t get the ED discount.

    It won’t stop me from doing it btw.

  • chad

    gotcha, i should have been more specific.

    i should have said, what changed from the time Matt Russell opined that there should be an ED discount? Did Matt assume there would be more cars produced and thus an ED specfic allocation? Or did Matt speak before knowing full details? Did dealers complain? it seems something changed along the way. what changed and why?

    my point may seem moot; however, BMW M cars have been unavailable initially for ED and then available, and if i recall correctly the precise reason was that initially there was no ED specific allocation due to high demand, and then an ED allocation was able to be filled once production ramped up.

    • There are a lot of complexities to how the allocation system works, dealer agreements and of course franchise law.

      Based on the agreement that has been in place for many years the allocations are set, they can’t make changes or shift a certain dealers allocation. The specific calculations based on production numbers were established and subsequently could not be adjusted because of the limited build.

      ED allocation is fairly new to M cars, it began in Spring of 2009 and does not include all cars. In reality Matt was correct; there is a discount available on ED cars, but most dealers will at least cover their CSI money lost on the sale (one reason ED is cheaper to begin with) so there is no discount given.

      Another example is the 135i, at launch there were no cars available via the ED allocation so dealers got full value. They changed later on as supply grew.

      I am not sure why so many people can’t grasp the concept of supply/demand with this car- dealers can get a premium for them so why would they let one go for any less? This is no surprise.

      I would still do ED, tons of perks like cheaper airfare, free Welt & Museum, insurance and some gas. Plus the experience. It is not like BMW charges a premium for it.

      When I got my M3- ED was not even an option and I tried with over a dozen dealers. They wanted their money and then some; I can’t blame them.

      If all the allocations are not spoken for and BMWNA cherry picks some builds you may see Military and ED get a small number in late November but is that a roll of the dice you should take? Not a chance.

      The other thing is that BMWAG is really the one responsible for these decisions as they set the production numbers- and what can and cant be done. BMWNA and its employees can only petition for things- such as a spoiler delete option for those that want say a CF one installed instead.


  • chad

    Michael, thanks for the detailed response, as usual. to be clear, i am not griping one bit, i am just a details guy, i want to understand before i commit. you did a very good job of forecasting where my arguments/questioning was headed. thanks for sharing.

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