On Location in Munich (A Photo Gallery)

Over the past few days we ‘ve experienced some extraordinary moments at BMW HQ in Munich. Of course we can ‘t show you some of the more interesting ones (cameras weren ‘t allowed inside the Fiz for instance) but we can show you over 200 photos of the BMW Welt, Four Cylinder building and inside the BMW Museum (and the new Art Car exhibit). We ‘ll have more on the latter soon. Until then, enjoy the photos. (Fully gallery after the break)

[nggallery id=60]
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  • Steve

    You wouldn’t by chance be taking delivery of your new 1M, would you through European delivery?

  • Gabe

    That’s currently the plan.

  • Steve


  • Evan

    Thank you Gabe. That was awesome.

    If I only had the means at present to have the BMW-MINI stable I’d like. A bespoke E91 M3, a 1M, an R60 and of course my forever car R50.

    Euro delivery in three years of an F30, or pray to God BMW is listening and I can instead get and F31 for the States.

  • Scott Purvis

    Great pics! I’m looking forward to visiting BMW Welt someday. Thanks to your pics, I know what is in store and it looks awesome!