VW Buys Into BMW\’s Carbon Fiber Partner SGL


In a surprising move VW announced today that it has bought an 8% stake in SGL – BMW ‘s partner in its recent carbon fiber investment. According to Automotive News it ‘s come to a shock to BMW. Here ‘s a quote:

“VW did not tell us about it. We weren ‘t warned in advance, ” Norbert Reithofer, CEO of BMW, told reporters on Tuesday during the Geneva auto show.

Carbon fiber is a key part of BMWi ‘s forthcoming products. So is there trouble brewing? VW claims they won ‘t raise the stake more than 10%. But didn ‘t they say that about Porsche?

You can read more Autonews.com.

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  • Lee L

    If SGL is a “partner” with BMW and not just a supplier, then BMW must not have written the contracts very well to not have to be notified about major investments.

  • Adam

    I can’t immagine BMW allowing any incroachment by VW of all companies, this could become interesting.

  • Evan

    Do we smell Rolls-Royce and Bentley all over again?