BMW i3 and i8 Spied Winter Testing

While the i8 is undoubtedly the sexier of the two, the i3 that is the big news here. And that ‘s why what you see above is so big. Our friends at Kilometer have the very first photos of the i3 in the wild testing and showing off the basic shape of the car. 100% electric, the three door hatch is tall and wide with a very high front end and beltline. You can see the entire series of photos over at Kilometer.

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  • HERR26

    The public launch of BMWi will take place at this years IAA in Frankfurt to signify it’s developed and built in Germany heritage. In which a special display will herald the launch of the new sub-brand within the BMW Hall. The Mega City Vehicle i3 will also be shown as a Concept Car @ Frankfurt.

    The car in these photographs is the first stage of BMWi and the much lauded i3. The MegaCity Vehicle model.

    This car is the ICV – Intra-City Vehicle, a 3dr model with seating four passengers.

    The five door variant will be known as UCV Urban Commuter Vehicle and will feature five drs with the rear doors being rear-hinged like a MINI Clubman and allowing a five seat configuration.

    i3 and i8 are the first models to be launched under the BMWi Initiative. However there are other models moving forward to priority stages including an i1 which is an Isetta like micro-car and an i4 a small sports car and a little two seater brother for i8. Think an i8 shrunk down to a two seater.

  • lava

    yikes – get a load of those skinny tires

  • txdesign

    Surprisingly conventional looking. I was hoping for something a bit more outside of the box.

  • JonPD

    I would take the Rocketman first, I come away feeling like somebody is hiding a minivan under BMW camo lol.

  • Evan

    It’s hard not have a box shape when making a compact vehicle w/leg room- you have to go up. And skinny tires are for increased mileage on the charge. As always, final judgement until all camo is off.

    If this helps keep BMW in the running and introduces lightweight construction materials to the other ranges (MINI, 3er, etc) then it is worth the investment. The i8 looks like it’s trying to keep all of its showcar style too. Interesting times.

  • txdesign


    I guess I had visions of an updated iSetta floating around in my head.