BMWUSA Adds 1M to the Online Configurator

Gentlmen, start your clicking. However with most options unfortunately trapped in packages there ‘s not a lot of you-ification possible. Nevertheless, we ‘ll take ours in Alpine white please.

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  • Dolla

    Sweet my tip got through Hey Gabe (or anyone else in the know) quick hypothetical question…so if i somehow get lucky enough to find a dealer with an alpine white allocation somewhere in the northeast/mid Atlantic (I from Philly)and they accept my hard earned cash; would i probably not even receive the car till Fall 11’/Winter 12′?

    • @Dolla- there are dealers that have NOT sold all their cars. Where they are located and when the build is anyone’s guess. I am sure I can come up with one if I tried, I have a feeling there may be some in central & eastern CT and upstate NY with cars (just a guess).


  • Lee

    Can’t believe they bothered if you can’t actually get one. Is this limited or not guys? Putting it up now just serves to piss people off (at least it pissed me off 😉 ).

  • txdesign

    Valencia Orange + ipod/usb adapter = $47,960. Nothing else needed.

  • Adam

    Well not a wealth of options but hey if you want options go get a regular 1er. Wish the Valencia Orange looked good in life like it does in the configurator.

  • JonPD

    Good to see it come online.

  • chad

    cool to see this up and going. and kudos to the enthusiast communities speaking up and having some part in getting some stand along options made available. i am happy there are any stand alone options at all!

  • dasboost

    Alpine White+Alcantara+iPod/USB+Harman Kardon.

    Now I just need the cash.

  • Mr. Mowse

    I see a cool car and i want it painted black……

  • chad

    i’ll echo Michael’s comment, i know of a few dealers with allocation(s) and no wait list. just gotta do some homework.

  • Dolla

    Thanks M. I’m starting with Otto’s BMW in West Chester, PA. Hopefully if they don’t have any left they can help me find a dealer up north, as you suggested. I have my fingers crossed and 25k down payment fund ready and waiting :). Oh yeah and I’m just going with dasboost config FTW!!!

  • nostalgic for E46

    My understanding is that allocations are still being rolled out monthly. I have a deposit down, willing to wait and hoping the hype is just that, hype. I think I’m 5th on the list, should I give up hope?

  • slow punch

    I’ll have mine with a reliable high pressure fuel pump.

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