The M5 Ring Taxi Becomes the M3 Ring Taxi

With the M5 being out of production the official ‘Ring taxi has moved from using the M5 to the current E90 M3. Not a shocker. However what is is Sabine Schmitz going from BMW to Porsche.

(More ‘Ring taxi & ‘Ring footage after the break)

Source: Jalopnik

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  • Drill

    Unfortunately Sabine leaving for Porsche is just another result of the mistake the Rhienland-Pfalz government made by handing control of the Nurburgring to private (mis)managers Kai Richter and Joerg Lindner. I’ll try not to stay on my soapbox too long, but (if linking is OK) interested parties can find more info out at: Save the Ring

  • AC

    OK, just a thought, but Sabine has been racing for team Frikadelli for years now.

  • Drill

    Yes, racing for them, but this will be the first year that she drives a Porsche “Ring Taxi”.

  • AC

    They can’t run the service during tourist days, just during VLN practice. Which would be more exciting in a way, but limited

  • JonPD

    I did have the opportunity to go for a ring taxi ride with Sabine and will mark that experience as a long term great memory.

  • Drill

    Just spotted the part where they can only run during VLC practice. This is probably due to some restriction or fee imposed by NAG 🙁

  • Adam

    Jeremey Clarkson once said this about the E90 M3, “now your children can have their Spleens crushed as well because this is the new 4-door version”

    Guess we could adapt that for the new ring taxi to; “now you and your two friends can have your spleens crushed as well”