1M Not Sold Out in the US

Many readers have wondered if there are still 1M Coupes available- the answer is YES! As predicted, while it will be hard to find one cars are still out there and in some instances people have backed out of their allocations due to financing concerns. One things always predictable with any new ///M product; the lease rates are going to be pretty scary and those that were attempting to stretch a little won ‘t be able to.

So if your name is on a list, keep it there and start the hunt for dealers that have open allocations. If you really want this car (like we know you do) do a little leg work on your end and get what you want, send emails or call dealers and get that deposit down!

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  • Adam

    There was a time when somone at BMW said “when we build it, they dont buy it” To think that the 1M (yes I know its a limited run to begin with) is close to selling out and not even being produced yet… well I think that says alot about how if its done right we will buy. So far every limited edition M3, including the GTS, Frozen Grey, and others, have all sold in no time flat. So BMW if you read or hear comments just listen to this simple point, build it right and we’ll buy.

  • jpd

    I believe that the 1M was built for a different demographic group than the M3. Apparently, the price is a bit too steep for some. Here in the Pacific Northwest the first batch of 1Ms seem to have found owners with little or no problem. For me, I will wait a year and see if BMW decides to continue to sell a second or third 500 in the United States.

  • CCBiggs

    The 1M is probably a great car, but the fundamental flaw of the concept is that it was designed for younger driving enthusiasts but then the $50,000 price tag puts it totally out of reach for most of the target audience.

  • chrisM

    Disagree. There are plenty of young-at-heart buyers, like myself, that have been waiting years for BMW to build a small, lightweight M car that can be a daily driver.

  • m3post.com sucks

    No wonder the 1M hasn’t sold out. It’s a tuned 135i with a LSD and suspension from the M3 for a near 50k pricetag. Anyone with a brain would either get a 335i or a used M3.

  • andy

    It’s a gorgeous car for sure but I’m going to wait for the MWagon which will be a little more versatile. I’m hoping that will be out soon.

  • Dave

    @chrisM: Then you must still be waiting for BMW to build that car because this one is certainly not light. When BMW gets their M cars down to 3000-3100lbs (Porsche numbers), then let’s talk. And I hope they get there on the next M3.

  • Stefan

    FWIW, the 1M was sold out a few days after the dealerships started taking deposits here in Calgary, AB, Canada.

  • Stefan

    Scratch that; it’s apparently sold out Canada-wide!

  • Dolla

    West German BMW in PA had two allocations…1 is now mine:)

    • @Dolla- good for you! Glad you found 1. They are out there and dealers know when and what they are getting.


  • chrisM

    @Dave – Porsche makes great lightweight cars. But I said lightweight daily driver, which to me means can be driven year-round and seats 4. Porsche doesn’t build one of those. That’s what I’m talking about.