2012 BMW 650i Coupe Debut Video

The new 6 Series Coupe breaks cover. As expected it ‘s very similar to the Concept we saw last year. And like the convertible it ‘s based on there revolution within the evolutionary design changes. We ‘ll have lots more to come shortly.

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  • Woo Hoo

    1:30 shows off the adaptive LED headlights! SICK!

  • Yay on the interior. Nay on the exterior. Honestly, I see a lot of cues from a Toyota Camry. Nothing wrong with a Camry, if you are in a market for an affordable family mover.

  • Stefan

    I can’t get my head around the proportions. Front overhang is far too long. The rear 3/4 shot looks awkward and somewhat reminiscent of a Toyota Solara, proportionally.

    I look forward to tuner contributions..

  • goat

    The biggest letdown is the rear deck height… it is too low and does not balance the fairly heavy front of the car. A lip spoiler will help somewhat, which I expect the M version will have. The wheels also do not look as flush as they should be and/or the sides are not as deeply sculpted as they should be on a car of this class and price tag. It isn’t by any means horrid, but I see lots of missed opportunities here. Audi coupe styling (A5, S5) – even being couple of years old – is still leading the way and BMW is playing it way too safe I’m afraid. Much as we complained about Bangle the alternative seems to be anodyne / tepid styling at a time when even the Asians are moving away to more aggressive / expressive forms.

    As for interior… nary a complaint (one exception: awkwardly shaped steering wheel hub)… it looks FANTASTIC, on par with Audi for detail and materials and glad to see they are using the B&O popup directional speaker as well. Also love the squared off round headlights which the F30 will feature too from what I understand… a great evolution to the hallmark BMW “eyes”.

  • goat

    Having looked at large format high-res photos posted later, I revise my comment about the rear deck… it is more than high enough… the issue is the rear bumper’s height off the pavement… not at all a fan of the “lifted” look (on a car, anyway)… the same sort of thing ruined the R56 versus the R53 when seen from the rear…