Official Video: M5 Snow Drifting

BMW has released the best preview yet of the new M5, complete with insights from their engineering test drivers Bernd Limmer and Frank Lutz. While the roads are snow covered and the cars really never get up to high speeds, it is amusing to watch these men in action. The ///M5 (F10M) has been rumored to be shown in concept form at the Shanghai Auto Show next month and in final production trim at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. With approximately 560 hp, a dearth of modern technology and performance features the ///M5 will compete with the Porsche Panamera and Cadillac CTS-V as the fastest four door on the planet (for the time being)

For the life of me I can not understand why BMW released this in German only, as having discussed with Limmer in the past, his English is on the money. In a nutshell, Limmer discusses testing the car in a variety of climates and locations as well as driving conditions such as snow. This footage being from the Alps and not Sweden as some believed (the Bavarian style houses are a give away if you are not fluent in the language).He goes on to talk about M-Dynamic-Mode, the improved suspension, and finally onto DSC with hill start assist. Lutz discusses testing for emissions and drivability in harsh conditions, showing how they measure cold starts with a laptop.

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  • Mark

    Awesome. I wonder what tires they used.

  • Marco


    I thought it might be good for the non-German readers here to have an exact translation of what the guys are talking in the video, as in fact there is nothing mentioned on suspension or M-Dynamic mode. I have no clue how to put subtitles in a YouTube video but if anyone has – don’t hestiate to use the text.

    0:30 min “We of course have to test the different driving conditions and climate conditions. That is why we have to test in the whole world, starting with South Africa, via France, Sweden, at the Nürburging…”

    0:50 min “Snow is a precondition, a driving condition where you must be able to react very sensitive, where the systems have to be adjusted to each other very precisely. If one system does not match the other you have a problem, you cannot soundly guide the car to its boundaries.”

    1:21 min “A basically very simple excersise is a hill start. You can very well show the complexity which the control systems must be able to handle here. I am standing on the brake pedal with my right foot now. The moment I switch over to the accelerator pedal, the ESP control system must keep the brake pressure up until the engine takes over and softly accelerates the car, preventing it from rolling back.”

    2:05 min “Testing is done majorly by keeping cars outside over night at heights, thus cooling it down. You do a cold start in the morning, carefully take all figures and then start driving. Climb the hill, descent the hill with a cold car… these are the topics we have to cope with in the engine application.”

    2:50 min

    “Ok, measurement is running… Start button… and go! Here you can see the rev progress – the oscillating is not ideal but we’ll get that sorted out. We are still in the application phase after all.”

    So that’s it – nothing spectaclar after all and nothing about the M5 in particular. They probably do the same tests with a 116i 😉

    Car looks great anyway, I love the hood with the powerdome!