Testing Drifting the BMW i3 in Snow

How do you perfect balance in a BMW while testing? You drift it endlessly on a snowy lake bed in Sweden. Or at least that ‘s what the engineers appear to be proving in the video above.

The i3 will be powered by a lithium-ion battery located in the center of the car with a 150 hp electric engine driving the rear wheels. Look for the BMW i to debut the new car later this year at Frankfurt.

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    Is that rear wheel drive that I see. it looks like the rear wheels are driving the i3. Am I seeing things?

  • lava

    That’s what it looked like, and the take away here for all those who usually poopoo electric cars and small cars that art typically FWD – its easy for a small electric car to be RWD.

  • lasovan

    anybody sayin’ the new small bmws are not gonna be fun to drive? 🙂

  • CurbcheckBilly

    Yeah, it doesn’t look like a FWD at all.

  • goat

    A better mini than today’s MINI, at least in this RWD fans opinion. Also, this will be the Mercedes smart car done right… looking forward to it!

  • slow punch

    Rear drive electric. What a gas.