New Details in BMW\’s Upcoming 3 Cylinders

MINI has a few new details (more confirmations than anything) on the upcoming range of 3 cylinder engines. For some background BMW will be releasing a family of 3 Cylinders in the upcoming 1 and 3 Series along with the next generation MINI. The engine will use twin-scroll turbo technology first seen by BMW on the Prince series of MINI engines currently found in all MINI models. But the 1.5L 3 Cylinder will produce as much power with substantially more efficiency as compared to the current 1.6L four cylinder MINI engine.

Marketed as TwinPower, the technology is coupled with direct gasoline injection and fully variable Valvetronic valve management for a thoroughly efficient yet powerful package. Look for the first in the series of new engines to be released with the new 1 Series this fall. From there look for it to go into the 3rd generation MINI and then the BMW 3 Series F30 (all in late 2012).

We expect power to range from 120 hp to 180 hp in the 3 cylinder range and (as we already know) up to 240 hp in four cylinder trim.

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  • Roland Renno

    That seems a reasonable approach to economy. I’d like to see how good the 3-cylinder Turbo engine will be.

    BMW Power

  • txdesign

    Wonder what NVH will be like vs.a 4?

    • NVH should be comparable if the rumors about active mounts and balancing are true. Porsche has done crazy things lately with active mounts so I am sure BMW can do the same.