BMW M to Reveal New Concept in Tokyo


This spring BMW M will be doing more than unveiling M5 ‘Concept ‘ in Shanghai this April. Based on multiple sources BMW M will be showing something of an engineering concept. Based on Scott27 ‘s own comment on BF, it would seem this car won ‘t see production. But his description of it is nothing less than mouth watering to aBMW enthusiast:

To support it’s return to the Tokyo autoshow later this year after BMW’s 2009 Hiatus. BMW M will showcase something outgoing. (Specifically M) will show the possibilities of how BMW M can progress in relation to full lightweight bodyshell and chassis using the ideas from the BMWi programme which will filter through to BMW’s core production models.

It is more of an “engineering and performance showcase” than a visual one. Similiar to the Concept 1er Tii @ Tokyo 2007.

(The car) is an Engineering Concept that will show the possibilities of how BMW M can progress in relation to a full lightweight concept in bodyshell and chassis in the future. Normally it ‘s key principle is of course Motorsport, but it is about giving you an insight into future application within a road car.

The concept is to showcase BMW Innovation but as well as materials used in today ‘s M cars such as Aluminium , Magnesium , Thermo-Plastic and Carbon Fibre in key areas. It will also show these ideas in greater capacity and the technology from the BMWi programme which is why BMW has invested in it ‘s future. Mass volume production of CFRP will be able to filter through to BMW’s core product strategy.

It is more of an “Engineering , Material Technology and Performance showcase” than a visual one. It wont make production though as it is purely an idea lab.

We read this as an E92 M3 re-imagined with carbon fiber and a host of other technologies to create a lighter faster car without adding power. All are the principles M Boss Dr. Kay Segler told us were coming when we interviewed him earlier this year and last. It ‘s clearly different than Mercedes current AMG strategy and a tricky one to communicate to the general public. But that aside it ‘s still music to our ears.

What if anything does this tell us about the much rumors limited edition M3 that ‘s coming later this spring? The quick answer is nothing. But it ‘s another take on the much maligned high performance M3. As BMW insider Scott27 mentioned in a recent comment on BF (Herr26 here on BF) BMW M has had trouble understanding the market for a higher performance M3. We know that the CSL was a failure as far as initial sales. Yes it ‘s now revered but with cars sitting on dealers lots for months back in 2004 the CSL isn ‘t the template BMW followed for it ‘s next uber M3 the GTS. With the GTS BMW took a higher cost lower quantity approach that quickly sold-out (even while not offered in the US). So what ‘s next? While the concept described above won ‘t make production there will be a new limited edition M3 that will. Our guess it that we ‘ll see something that takes the best parts of the GTS while giving customers a package that doesn ‘t take away the luxuries they ‘ve come accustom to.

Look for news on both of these cars in the next few weeks.

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  • Dave

    The only thing BMW got wrong with the E46 CSL was pricing, and that likely had to do with it being the first time they were using lightweight materials, so the initial production costs were high. Now that such things have come down in price and the agreement to start producing these materials at the facility in Washington state, I would hope/expect that car prices for something akin to the next CSL won’t be as much.

  • Roland Renno

    I’m looking forward to see something close in to a mid-engine M sports car with CFRP and all the jigsaws that we love.

    BMW Power

  • HERR26

    “I’m looking forward to see something close in to a mid-engine M sports car with CFRP and all the jigsaws that we love.

    BMW Power”

    Then you will be disappointed. The Concept is an engineering rather than a visual concept on an existing M car, It is what has been done that makes it entirely different.

    It is more advanced than the E46 BMW M3 CSL.

  • JonPD

    Should be interesting to see what is presented. As long as its not attached to a 5k SUV I will be happy.

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