2013 BMW 3 Series Speculation

Car and Driver BMW F30 Render

It is about a year away from when the F-code 3 Series sedan hits the market and the speculation as to its looks has begun in full force. This time with Car and Driver taking their stab at it.

The F30 3 Series will build on BMW ‘s Efficient Dynamics program through the use of increasingly efficient engines, thanks to a full tilt technology overhaul. Gone will be the naturally aspirate powerplants, replaced by turbo offerings in both four and six cylinder varieties.

Rumors of increased use of lightweight materials continues but what is definite is that BMW has used the Munich wind tunnel to get the most efficient air movement and lowest drag coefficient they could to squeeze out the MPGs. Spy photos have been limited as this car is being heavily tested in BMWs new indoor environmental lab. The new lab allows the engineers to recreate any climate deluge they want at the press of a few buttons. That sure beats the heat of a desert!

Stay tuned for more news on the 2013 3er.

Source: Car and Driver

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  • Looks too much like an Acura or Lexus to me. Not terrible, but not “German” enough.

  • nostalgic for E46

    I really hope the move the hood break down to the kidneys. It just doesn’t look right there. Is there some engineering reason for this?

  • Joe

    BMW NA mentioned it an an event awhile ago. If I remember correctly they had to move it for crash protection and repair cost reasons. The kidneys are now part of the bumper, If they were part of the hood, the slightest dent would mean you would have to replace the entire hood.

  • Babak

    How about like the design on the E90 LCI? It’s not really part of the hood like it was on the E46, and it still looks nice. Much better than the newer design.

    • The newest front ends are the product of EU pedestrian collision standards. A pedestrian should be able to be hit and not receive significant injury at a certain speed, therefore you end up with taller and flatter front bumpers, a hood that has a built in crumple zone above the engine and in some instances pyrotechnics to elevate an retract the hood away.


  • jpd

    in my view this is the very best rendering and possibly the most accurate. I like it. When in 2012? Car Magazine says that it will be revealed in Frankfurt while other mags say Geneva 2012.

  • Woo Hoo

    Bring on the F30 M3 FTW!!

  • HERR26

    In Europe they use this rendering as a 3er GT which is actually in visual impact, much closer to this especially when the BMW character line is more diagional on the new F30 3er this is more horizontal, something which is featured on the 3er GT.

    The BMW 3er Sedan will be launched in London this November to coincide with the 2012 Olympic Games which BMW is the official automobile sponsor. With the World Public Premiere in Geneva, March 2012 alongside a 3er Active Hybrid Concept Car. The Touring is announced in April 2012 and will premiere in the secondary German Autoshow AMI Leipzig in it’s biggest market and also mirroring the 5er Touring which also debuted in it’s largest market.

  • goat

    I like it. A lot. (One exception on aesthetic principle: Not a fan of the hood cut line.) (One exception on ideological principle: Not a fan of LED strips, leave them to Audi and now copycat Mercedes.)

  • This is looking one cool BMW model. I would like to know what are the different colors of this super BMW model.

  • Grxtn5

    BMW have a problem designing the front. Lower opening is to wide. Should have some dividers. It is not aggressive enough for the car like BMW. I just can’t trade my 2002 M3 for anything newer because they are just to ugli. And the sides are to deflected like after being t-boned! Since I do love the way they drive (3-series), I would hate to move to Audi… Except Audis’s grill is to tall… Damn! New rear on 5-er was fixed beautifully but the front is to flat and high with an ugli lower “bumper” opening. Shame! I know – I am an engineer designing beautiful products for years… Test driver.