The First Images of the 3 Series GT Surface

Autoblog has the first clear images of what will be known as the 3 Series GT. Clearly based on the principles of the 5er GT, this car will slot between the F30 3 Series wagon and the X3. But what about the wagon you ask? It ‘ll still be available but it ‘s very unlikely headed for the US market with the introduction of the next 3 Seres range.

With that out of the way let ‘s talk about how this thing actually looks. Now that we ‘ve seen the first clean view of it ‘s silhouette, indications aren ‘t good. We can ‘t imagine BMW ‘s interpretation of the highly criticized Honda Crosstour will be a hit with buyers, let alone BMW buyers. While the trunk/hatch looks less complicated than the 5 GT, it ‘s impossibly high tail look awkward at best.

And what of the rumor that what we see above is to kill the 3er wagon in the US? We remain convinced that BMWNA is planning on bringing the 3er GT to the US and not the next generation wagon. And sales seem to back-up this plan. The 5 GT has easily outsold the 5er wagon from previous years and it ‘s brought new buyers to the BMW brand.

Clearly the writing is on the wall and the 3 GT is coming. While this early view isn ‘t promising, we still hold-out hope that what we see above will be magically transformed when the cladding comes off and the bigger wheels go on.

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  • Drill

    I still contend that engine choice (or lack thereof) has been a significant contributor to poor Wagon sales in the US. IF BMW had offered a 550(x)i Sportswagon alongside the GT, then I would argue that those sales figures would be closer.

  • JRobUSC

    I believe the entire rear bumper/decklid on that car are fake bodypanels to hide what the car really looks like out back. Everything BMW has said has indicated the 3GT trunk will be a regular hatch instead of the dual opening sedan/hatch lid of the 5GT, meaning it wouldn’t be necessary to have that high deck out back. I think (hope) the 3GT is going to be a much sleeker vehicle than the 5GT.

  • Laura

    It looks like a Mustang!

  • mellowmcs

    2nd on the engine choice. Still hoping for additional diesel engine choices for F30 series in the US. I love the 335d which currently gets 1mpg higher in my commute than my 08 MCS manual with JCW engine kit installed!

  • Jed

    I agree with you Drill, but unfortunately engine choice can’t be the entire reason for slow wagon sales in US. Witness: Audi S4 and S6 Avants — among the best engines in the Audi line up — and they are now very rare as they sold poorly. I wish we had more wagons — I prefer them to sedans and coupes. Say, what happened to the M3 wagon rumor?

  • Evan

    I will buy an F31 touring should BMW bring it here.

    I understand that it’s only one sale, but it’s still a sale.

    The major problem with the wagons are that they are NOT marketed at all. I understand that some regions sell more than others, but I can tell you that in the Greater Boston area I have only ever seen a 5GT at the dealer and see many, many more 3er and 5er tourings. Where are all of the 5GTs being sold? Anyone know? California?

    If BMW is truly into this niche marketing approach, then they should plan on having the F31 in the USA too. There’s always a certain elegance to the BMW touring versions plus the increased versatility. A higher, larger trunked 3er just doesn’t seem very sporting.

  • @Evan, funny I was about to post the same thing as you. I do lieve in Greater Boston area as well, and have seen only ONE 5GT on the road. So not only are they ugly, but apparently they don’t sell well. Which begs a question, why would BMW bastartise its most successfull model.

  • rj

    I think the 3 GT pictured above, as a prototype, is a hell of a lot better looking than the 5 GT…..which I think is incredibly ugly.